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'Rainbow Six Siege' Technical Test Server Begins Today: How To Join On PC

International Business Times

Rainbow Six Siege technical test servers have been the talk of the game's community over the past few weeks, and now they're a reality. Posters on the title's official subreddit have confirmed receiving emails from Ubisoft about being accepted into the program. A screenshot of the message can be seen below. You have been selected for the soft launch of the Rainbow Six Siege Technical Test Server which starts on March 22. Much like we've seen for games like The Division and Overwatch, the Rainbow Six Siege Technical Test will allow daring players to try new patches early to check for bugs.

Technical Debt: The ghost of shortcuts past.


One of the best metaphors for technical debt equates it to not cleaning your kitchen after cooking. The first meal gets cooked much quicker if you don't clean up, but every consecutive meal gets progressively harder to prepare [1]. At its beginning every company faces the dilemma of growing or optimising: whether to move fast and acquire new clients or to spend time producing optimal technical solutions. When a business is getting started the decision is a no-brainer. As a startup or a young company the first priority is to scale and grab as big a market share as possible.

What Is It Like To Win An Oscar For Technical Achievement?

Forbes - Tech

I went through a bunch of feelings. But then I suddenly thought "it could be a hoax. I need to see this on the Academy web site or see something on paper". I felt guilty about other people whose amazing work might not be getting recognition. Then I wondered who else was getting an award.

Technical Experts Need to Get Better at Telling Stories


Startup and technical business leaders often don't tell their innovation stories well. They rely too much on industry jargon and complex detail. This is a huge opportunity loss. When you're doing good work, you want people to know about it. So whether you're drafting website copy, a marketing brochure, an online article, or a press release, follow a few rules.

Afghan Vote Enters 2nd Day After Attacks, Technical Issues

U.S. News

The first parliamentary elections since 2010 are being held against a backdrop of near-daily attacks by the Taliban, who have seized nearly half the country and have repeatedly refused offers to negotiate with the Kabul government. The U.S.-backed government is rife with corruption, and many Afghans have said they do not expect the elections to be fair.