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The Japan Times

ABIDJAN – The government of Gambia said on Tuesday it was withdrawing from the International Criminal Court, accusing the world body of ignoring the "war crimes" of Western nations and seeking only to prosecute Africans. The decision by the tiny West African nation, whose president, Yahya Jammeh, has called on the court to investigate African migrant deaths on the Mediterranean, comes just days after South Africa said it was quitting the Hague-based tribunal. "This action is warranted by the fact that the ICC, despite being called the International Criminal Court, is in fact an'international Caucasian court' for the persecution and humiliation of people of color, especially Africans," Information Minister Sheriff Bojang said on state television. "There are many Western countries, at least 30, that have committed heinous war crimes against independent sovereign states and their citizens since the creation of the ICC and not a single Western war criminal has been indicted," it said.

The future of international justice

BBC News

The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia is shutting down at the end of 2017, having brought to justice some of those who committed war crimes in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

Does the ICC target African states?

Al Jazeera

It says it will withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC) - which was set up to prosecute those accused of serious crimes against humanity. Several African states have accused the ICC of unfairly targeting the continent. Uganda's president went so far as to call it "useless". South Africa's decision comes a year after it was criticised for ignoring an order to arrest Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir while he was visiting the country. The ICC has issued an arrest warrant for Bashir, who is accused of committing war crimes in Sudan's Darfur region.

Duterte: International Criminal Court 'cannot stop me'

Al Jazeera

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has said he would not be intimidated by the prospect of the International Criminal Court (ICC) putting him on trial over his bloody war on drugs, promising that his campaign would continue and would be "brutal". "I will not be intimidated and I shall not be stopped just by what? If that is part of my destiny, it is my destiny to go," Duterte told reporters on Sunday, shortly before leaving for Myanmar. "The drive against corruption, criminality and drugs will resume and it will continue and it will be brutal," he said. "I will not be, for a moment, be out of focus on that.

South Africa to withdraw from International Criminal Court

U.S. News

South Africa has decided to withdraw from the International Criminal Court following a dispute last year over a visit by Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who is wanted by the tribunal for alleged war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.