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Tech Giants Still Stumbling in the Social World They Created

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"Trying to piece together a framework for speech that works for everyone -- and making sure we effectively enforce that framework -- is challenging," wrote Richard Allan, Facebook's vice president of policy, in a blog post Thursday. "Every policy we have is grounded in three core principles: giving people a voice, keeping people safe, and treating people equitably. The frustrations we hear about our policies -- outside and internally as well -- come from the inevitable tension between these three principles."

Are you Over-Investing in Social Media?


Social media spending can quickly rack up when your business is gung-ho with its strategy and goes in all guns blazing when it comes to social marketing. If there ain't no strategy then it's likely you won't generate the fruits of your labour. And it'll be difficult to work out what's going right and what's going wrong when everything's so crazy and chaotic. The truth is that when you don't really get social media or what the freak is going on, you'll probably end up overspending out of pure confusion. Or, you'll spend more on things that you don't need to and less on the really awesome stuff that'll make a big difference to your business.

Social Consciousness - Timeline


"Do not, my friends, be led by the deceiver. It is only by pursuing the entire truth, and acting wisely, that humanity can ever survive. So draw the line and sp...eak. Speak out and up, speak the truth and do so compassionately, speak for your children, for those you care about, for the rights of all, and be sure to say clearly: stop!"

Your social network profile used in credit scoring models


I think the assumption here is that all credit rating agencies will follow an identical model for the kinds of risks they want to take. I would think that there are some agencies that might be as extreme as using facebook social graph to determine one's credit worthiness; but, this creates a space for competitors that may select a risk profile of "applicants who have solid credit history, but may be associated on some social graph with those who do not". So, I think such detailed credit models may actually cause an explosion in tiered credit ratings and opportunities for specialized market makers to take certain specific risks. Assuming that the market is highly reactive and aware of such gaps in the credit market, one might expect fast movers to take advantage of these opportunities. On the other hand, if the market is not very efficient (i.e., companies don't do enough data mining, aka information flow is not very efficient because no one is looking for these opportunities) then we'll see a lot of people coming up against walls in their ability to get credit.