How To Select A Software Vendor

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As an engineering manager, some day you will be faced with a need to select a vendor. Usually, it's when you need a quick solution that's not within your team's skill set, but there are a lot of other instances. The selection could be very important to your team, company and career (no pressure), so it's important to get it right. After doing it for many years, I've developed a framework to help streamline the vendor selection process. First, you need to come up with a list of business requirements for the project.

Bangkok's Street Vendors Decry Evictions as Authorities Clean Up

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The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has moved 20,000 street vendors from 478 locations since 2016. It told Reuters it has identified 205 more locations to address, and that in recent weeks it has increased the rate of clearance. Vendors who return to cleared areas risk being fined.

Illinois State Fair Vendors See Drop in Attendance, Sales

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"We've had our busy nights, don't get me wrong," said Kelsie Vose, whose family runs the Vose Corn Dogs stand. "But I've heard from a lot of vendors, not just ourselves, but most of the vendors we've spoken to have all been on the same page about that.

Vendors Work to Improve Forrest County Farmers Market

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Vendors are hoping to bring new business to the market by making a few changes including adding signage along Hardy Street and Broadway Drive and, when weather allows, featuring a couple outdoor vendors so passers-by can see what the market has to offer.

6 tips for working with AI vendors


Artificial intelligence and related technologies promise to be a game changer for businesses. The central question is whether to build or buy. Some companies will build their own solutions from scratch, but using commercial tools can often be faster, cheaper, and provide better results than what a company can build on its own. Since the technology is so new and untested, early adopters have some power when it comes to vendor relationships. Suppliers may be willing to perform custom configurations and integrations, provide free consulting or training, or give steep discounts -- especially if you're willing to be one of their success stories should the project work.