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VMwareVoice: Eyes On The Prize: How An Optical Lens Maker Transformed Sales And Service

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For employees at Essilor France, seeing is believing. New technology has enabled the optical lens maker to serve customers better in less time. Essilor did it by equipping its sales team with iPads and software that provides instant access to company data and product presentations. "Mobility has enabled us to transform business processes," said Julien Zamora, head of marketing and sales at Essilor. "Our team can now spend less time at the office since they have the tools to work on the go.

VMware's EMM platform now supports enterprise smart glasses


VMware announced Tuesday that it's bringing support for enterprise smart glasses to the AirWatch enterprise mobility management platform. VMware says the addition of new smart glasses management features to AirWatch will make it easier for businesses to apply onboarding, network setup, and app deployment tools to augmented and mixed reality devices running Android. The deal also includes partnerships between VMware AirWatch and some of the leading smart glasses vendors including APX Labs, Atheer, Intel, ODG, and VUZIX Corp. This means devices from any of these manufacturers can be fully managed alongside VMware AirWatch deployed devices. "Having wearable management now built into the VMware AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management platform is a huge step forward in removing barriers to large scale adoption across the type of global customers we work with, and that's paramount to not only our growth, but the growth of the entire industry," Brian Ballard, CEO of APX Labs, said in a statement.

VMware launches Boxer, a mobile mail app for AirWatch and Workspace ONE customers


EMC-owned VMware is rolling out a new mobile mail, calendar, and contacts app for VMware AirWatch and Workspace ONE customers. Dubbed VMware Boxer, the app is touted to have enterprise-level security features packaged in a consumer-grade user experience. Most of the technology powering the app stems from VMware's acquisition of Austin-based email startup Boxer last October. When VMware bought Boxer, the goal was to merge the startup with AirWatch to bolster VMware's suite of enterprise mobility management services revolving around secure access to email, content and apps. VMware was drawn to Boxer by its personal information management (PIM) product for iOS and Android devices, which uses a container approach to app management and security.

VMware goes after Outlook with Boxer email app for Airwatch


It seems like every major tech company needs to have an email app these days, and VMware is no exception. The company launched a new version of the Boxer iOS app on Tuesday for companies using VMware to manage their employees' mobile devices. The resulting app, appropriately called VMware Boxer, is now available for AirWatch and Workspace One customers. It's designed to replace Apple's built-in Mail app on the iPhone and iPad, in part because it's packing some key additional features. Boxer includes support for all kinds of customization including the ability to take different actions by swiping email messages, bulk edit messages and even change the sound the app makes when a new email arrives.

Who needs 84 security vendors? With new suite, Dell looks to consolidate your protection


Dell has unveiled its new endpoint security and management portfolio, combining Dell Data Security Solutions, Mozy by Dell, RSA, and VMware AirWatch in a bid to tackle a market currently riddled with multiple security vendors. The new offering from the tech giant is expected to arm organisations with all of the tools required to protect data and detect threats in an increasingly mobile workforce. The suite consists of four main pillars: Data protection, identity assurance, threat detection and response, and unified endpoint management. Today's security threats have expanded in scope and seriousness. There can now be millions -- or even billions -- of dollars at risk when information security isn't handled properly.