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Council Post: Five Real Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Upleveling Customer Service


Remember Facebook's automated personal assistant, M, that was released in a bid to compete with Alexa and Siri? After a series of embarrassing mishaps due to poorly trained algorithms, Facebook abruptly pulled the plug. They weren't alone; chatbots are infamous for putting their metaphorical feet in their mouths. While these debacles are tough to watch, the underlying problem is not artificial intelligence (AI) itself. AI succeeds when underpinned with sound strategy and well-trained models.

Artificial Intelligence Use in Customer Service Is Rising


More and more, companies are shifting towards artificial intelligence (AI) as its first point of contact when it comes to customer service. The movement towards AI is already happening, which can only fuel exchange-traded funds (ETFs) focused on this type of disruptive technology. Per a Forbes article by Unabel cofounder Joao Graca, a "2019 report found that 24% of customer service teams were already using AI and 56% were seeking AI opportunities. And when used wisely, it's working: Among teams employing AI for customer service, 82% reported increased first contact resolution (FCR) rates, while 79% reported increased CSAT or Net Promoter scores." The article noted five ways, in particular, where AI would benefit customer service.

How Will AI-Powered Customer Service Help Customer Support Agents? -- Part 2


In the previous article, we went over the basics of the impact that AI can have when introduced within the customer service industry along with some use cases. In this article, we take a look at the implementation and execution aspect of it as well as the benefits it entails for customer support agents along with support center management. Stinting on cost is the first priority for businesses as on today. When it comes to call center practices, it takes a good deal of money and time in hiring and training staff for customer service, as well as in erecting the whole brick-and-mortar infrastructure, even more if it isn't cloud-based. Just 10 support individuals can cost you as much as $35000, or even more if recruits frequently quit (attrition being quite high in the call center industry) -- which is a nightmare.

Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Your Customer Service?


Excelling customer service has never been more important for businesses. Today, businesses are adopting AI-powered digital solutions to improve customer support operations and outdo their competition. Let's have a look at how artificial intelligence can help your business ace customer support. With advanced systems powered by automated solutions, customers can now reserve a table at a restaurant, order a pizza, book a movie ticket, hotel room, and even make a clinic appointment. The customer service industry is gaining much momentum especially due to automation powered by artificial intelligence.

The Real Time Self-Service Solution For Online Customer Service: AI


Automation of services has picked up its fastest pace by now, giving users the much-needed facility to fulfill their regular tasks. With advanced systems powered by automated solutions, users can now book a restaurant reservation, order a pizza, book a movie ticket, hotel room and even make a clinic appointment. Customer service industry is gaining much momentum especially due to disruption of Artificial Intelligence – a technological breakthrough that has taken almost every business industry by storm. By transforming customer service interactions, AI-powered digital solutions are prepared to improve every aspect of your business including online customer experience, loyalty, brand reputation, preventive assistance and even generation of revenue streams. Digital market moguls project that by 2020 more than 85% of all customer support communications will be conducted without engaging any customer service representatives.