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Data center AI: Start with the end in mind – DatacenterDynamics – IAM Network


Rhonda Ascierto is vice president of research at Uptime Institute, focusing on emerging technologies and innovation at the intersection of IT and infrastructure.

AUTOCELL: An Intelligent Cellular Mobile Network Management System

AI Magazine

AUTOCELL is a system developed to assist in the operation and management of cellular mobile networks operated by Singapore Telecom. Its deployment is in line with the company's strategic move to introduce intelligent software into its operations. With the help of AI concepts and techniques, the system has enhanced the operational efficiency and network capacity and increased customer satisfaction with the network.

Reinvent Network Management with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Aerohive Blog


Every IT manager is generally after the same thing. They want increased security, a network that is easier to manage, and a better overall experience for end users. The problem is it's usually near impossible to get all three. One of the key technologies driving the networks of tomorrow is artificial intelligence and machine learning. Powered by HiveManager, we have the pieces of the pie to build networks that get better over time.