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Ketchikan Postal Trucks Lead Funeral Procession

U.S. News

Postal workers in Ketchikan helped lay one of their own to rest in Ketchikan over the weekend Several U.S. Postal Service vehicles led the procession Saturday from a mortuary to Bayview Cemetery as the remains of Judy Ann Ann (Orbistondo) Doran were interred.

Swedes Watch Postal Thieves Board Moving Mail Truck From Car

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Larsson said Friday he was astounded as he watched two men leap onto the moving truck from the hood of a car traveling behind it, enter the cargo area and rummage through the load.

The US Postal Service Is Working on Self-Driving Mail Trucks


Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds--and if the United States Postal Service has its way, the robots won't stop them, either. Yes, the agency you know best for bringing you junk mail addressed to whomever lived in your apartment before you has caught robofever. It plans to put semiautonomous mail trucks into service in just seven years, and it seems to think it can pull off a shift away from human driving without shedding mail carrier jobs. That's all according to the postal service's Office of the Inspector General, which oversees the agency and last week released a report on its plans to work autonomy into its 228,000-vehicle fleet. Those plans are already in motion: The post office has partnered with the University of Michigan to build what it's calling an Autonomous Rural Delivery Vehicle, which it wants to launch on 28,000 rural routes nationwide as early as 2025.

US postal worker found fatally shot in mail truck in Dallas

FOX News

DALLAS – Dallas police say a U.S. Postal Service worker has been found shot to death inside a mail truck along a busy highway.

Man arrested in shooting death of postal worker on highway

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DALLAS – A man arrested in the fatal shooting of a postal worker driving a delivery rig on a Dallas highway may have been acting out of road rage, authorities said Thursday.