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All Jigsaw Puzzles Over 350 popular and hard to find jigsaw puzzles in the UK (from beginner to expert 1,000 piece challenges)! The website of the world's #1 cribbage organization lists upcoming tournaments, current standings, rules of play, and much more. Biblewordgames Free monthly Bible crossword puzzle plus wordsearches, quotefalls and on-line games Card decks of original word challenges by Will Shortz cdquizzes All the quizzes, crosswords, sudokus and other puzzles featured in Costa Blanca News Clueword puzzles Crosswords in which clues and answers are in different languages. Crosswords for Fun Join the Crosswords for Fun puzzling community, where we all enjoy doing puzzles and building our vocabulary and general knowledge, to keep our minds sharp and our brains active. Become a member of the Clue Detective Club just A$37 a year.

Bored kids? Here are 5 craft projects, games you can print at home

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

While more than 310 million Americans self-isolate during the COVID-19 pandemic, technology, at the very least, is helping us work, learn and socialize. Tech is also responsible for keeping us entertained. Whether it's bingeing shows on streaming services, playing video games or downloading ebooks. Sometimes, a high-tech device can be used to create low-tech fun while its user is cooped up indoors. There are several ways this device can be used to keep the kids (and kids at heart) entertained by printing crafts, games and activities.

8 dating apps that are bucking against Tinder's model


Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching and you, dear reader, are single. After nearly a year of wafting through the waters of pandemic dating, the wormholes of Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and all the other mainstay apps -- you may be sick of it. Endless scrolling has its cons. The world is theoretically your oyster, but you're also left to wade through your entire region's population. Your thumbs and your brain are weary from seeing the same userface and the same Office pickup lines over and over.

A Generalized Genetic Algorithm-Based Solver for Very Large Jigsaw Puzzles of Complex Types

AAAI Conferences

In this paper we introduce new types of square-piece jigsaw puzzles, where in addition to the unknown location and orientation of each piece, a piece might also need to be flipped. These puzzles, which are associated with a number of real world problems, are considerably harder, from a computational standpoint. Specifically, we present a novel generalized genetic algorithm (GA)-based solver that can handle puzzle pieces of unknown location and orientation (Type 2 puzzles) and (two-sided) puzzle pieces of unknown location, orientation, and face (Type 4 puzzles). To the best of our knowledge, our solver provides a new state-of-the-art, solving previously attempted puzzles faster and far more accurately, handling puzzle sizes that have never been attempted before, and assembling the newly introduced two-sided puzzles automatically and effectively. This paper also presents, among other results, the most extensive set of experimental results, compiled as of yet, on Type 2 puzzles.

DNN-Buddies: A Deep Neural Network-Based Estimation Metric for the Jigsaw Puzzle Problem Machine Learning

This paper introduces the first deep neural network-based estimation metric for the jigsaw puzzle problem. Given two puzzle piece edges, the neural network predicts whether or not they should be adjacent in the correct assembly of the puzzle, using nothing but the pixels of each piece. The proposed metric exhibits an extremely high precision even though no manual feature extraction is performed. When incorporated into an existing puzzle solver, the solution's accuracy increases significantly, achieving thereby a new state-of-the-art standard.