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SimpliSafe's award-winning home security systems are all on sale for 40% off


TL;DR: You can save 40% on any SimpliSafe security system through Sept. 15 (valid email required). Being stuck at home amid the pandemic has inspired many to tackle a DIY project, whether it's tufting colorful rugs, dabbling in indoor gardening, or painting bathroom countertops a questionable shade of green. It's not as complicated as it sounds, actually: DIY security systems are typically wireless (read: very easy to set up) and leave tons of room for customization. They'll usually save you some serious cash, too, since you're not required to fork over fees for professional installation. If your ears perked up at that last part, just wait until you hear about the sale that's happening over at SimpliSafe, one of our absolute favorite DIY home security brands: Through Sept. 15, you can take 40% off any new SimpliSafe system just by visiting its website and supplying a valid email address in the orange banner at the top of the page.

SimpliSafe vs. Ring: Comparing home security systems


If you're interested in protecting your home with a wireless security system, Ring and Simplisafe are two options worth comparing. They're both designed to be easy DIY projects when you'd like to install them on your own without hiring a professional. This review took several factors into account. We examined each company's features, including the type of monitoring available, Simplisafe and Ring home security reviews from customers, costs, fees and if any time commitments are required to help you decide which home security system works best for you. Simplisafe has been revolutionizing home security since it was founded in 2006.

CES 2018: SimpliSafe's revamped home security system available now, more products planned


CES showcases the tech trends that will shape the year ahead. See the most important products that will impact businesses and professionals. If you've ever looked into a DIY home security solution, you've likely come across SimpliSafe. The company has made a name for itself by providing a base system, allowing users to add ad hoc sensors and components, and pay a monthly fee without any sort of contract. Starting Wednesday SimpliSafe will begin selling a completely redesigned system.

SimpliSafe sale: Take 15% off a home security system and get a free camera


We are a generation obsessed with intruder movies and crime shows. The shitty Criminal Minds spinoffs and remakes of The Strangers are the lions and we are the sheep. A home security system from Simplisafe can help you sleep better, with entry and motion sensors, glassbreak detection, and video security all working to protect your home. Through April 23, you can grab one for 15% off and get a free security camera. If nothing else, maybe you can finally catch the person stealing your Amazon packages.

SimpliSafe Essentials review: Fundamental, hassle-free home security


Such is the promise on the packaging of SimpliSafe, and though the reality is there are 21 pages of setup manual you might want to refer to, for the most part SimpliSafe comes through on that promise. A big part of that reason is that SimpliSafe is entirely self-contained. There is no app to install, because the system doesn't support one unless you sign up for a monitoring service. And while you can (and should) connect the system to Wi-Fi, you don't have to, as SimpliSafe includes a built-in cellular radio. There are pros and cons to this concept.