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Victoria abandons federal mobile blackspots program to go it alone


The Victorian government has pulled its AU$11 million commitment to the federal government's mobile blackspots program, opting instead to build its own new mobile towers across regional parts of the state.

3 Steps For Mobile SEO Success

Forbes - Tech

Over the next twelve months, Google will be rolling out their mobile-first index, and eventually moving it to be their primary algorithm for search engine results. The short version is that if your brand isn't presenting well on mobile devices, your SEO campaign is hobbled. This development shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone - after all, over 60% of search engine queries are submitted on mobile devices. That number is only growing as mobile devices, apps and friendly websites become more robust, useful and affordable. The effect of this is that brands must migrate to where their customers are.

7 moments when you can just leave your wallet at home


Remember when you were a kid and you could bolt out of the house with nothing more than a few bills folded into your pocket? There is a sense of freedom that comes with being able to leave your wallet or purse at home. Suddenly, there's no bulge in your back pocket to worry about, no heavy sack hanging off your shoulder. You may start to wonder: Why don't I do this all the time? Well turns out, you can.

Importance of adding AI in your Business Mobile Apps


Today, Artificial Intelligence in true sense is proceeding with new heights, stimulating human intelligence. The impact of Artificial Intelligence is redefining the scenario of the human and machine relationship. The ability of AI is transforming various verticals while many mobile app development companies are opting to make the mobile user experience more personal. From voice commands to image labeling, Artificial intelligence is offering many other advanced functions. The involvement of AI enables mobile devices to solve problems or tasks that require human intelligence.

UK's best and worst cities for 4G mobile coverage revealed

BBC News

Middlesbrough is the best city in the UK to get mobile 4G coverage while Bournemouth is the worst, says a report. Consumer group Which? and analyst OpenSignal measured data from mobile phones across 20 cities in the UK. They say "critical" reforms are needed to provide a better service for customers. Ofcom said its rules meant "virtually all" UK premises would have to receive a 4G signal by the end of the year. The OpenSignal study analysed more than 500m data readings from mobile phones taken from more than 30,000 users between December 1 2016 and February 28 via an app.