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Did Russia build nuclear-powered 'land submarine' to attack the US?

Daily Mail - Science & tech

The Soviets once built a nuclear-powered land submarine to attack the United States during the Cold War, a new report has revealed. Code-named the Battle Mole, the subterranean machine had a titanium body with a pointed nose and stern, and used a drill heated to extreme temperatures to power through solid ground by melting the material in front of it. A new investigation into the vehicle reports Russian forces hoped to use it to attack and destroy key US military facilities, including underground missile silos, and may have allowed for the subsurface delivery of nuclear bombs. But while a prototype showed promise, a catastrophic nuclear reactor failure caused it to explode during a test dig, forcing officials to abandon the project in the 1960s. Details on the Battle Mole are scarce, and Russian officials have never discussed the rumours surrounding its development.

10 films about artificial intelligence related to science fiction


When we have to talk about the science fiction genre, There are many topics that can be dealt with Among the films of this type. On many occasions, although many of these issues go hand in hand, we can distinguish one or the other. Usually, when there are bots, It doesn't take long for AI to emerge, but often the latter acquires great importance, beyond the propagation of these robotic organisms, since then They can think and yearn for the same things as humans. Currently, evolution In this field it has become enormous The most reasonable results are achieved. From computational techniques to simple problem solving, Neural network techniques that make machines learnAnd artificial intelligence is closer than we think and some cinematic has analyzed some of the results of all this.

How Today's AI Will Evolve


Not long ago, artificial intelligence was something you read about in science fiction; today it's all around us. The smartphone or tablet you hold in your hand is jam-packed with artificial intelligence. Whenever you use a mobile device to pull up Google and perform a search, you're using advanced algorithms that help you find the information you're seeking. When you open Netflix, or Spotify, or Amazon, AI is predicting the shows, movies, music, and merchandise you'll like based on your previous behavior within those apps. These are just a few examples of weak (or narrow) AI and they literally surround us.