How Technology Needs Will Differ For Different Businesses


If you own a business, you will likely have computer systems that are helping you manage all your daily operations. Some of the programs are specifically designed to handle accounting related issues, whereas others can be much more comprehensive. They may keep track of your workers, when they come in, and the amount of time that they can take off. You may have a security system in place that will register when people arrive at your place of business and when they depart. To do this, you need a PC that can handle the software that you are operating, and in most cases, this can be operated using a laptop just as easily.

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Learning how to build these practical tools will give you an excellent window into the mechanisms that drive machine learning. Read More ... Tags: Computer systems Getting things done Best Deals Artificial intelligence Machine intelligence Machine learning

Computer Models of Creativity

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It's an aspect of normal human intelligence, not a special faculty granted to a tiny elite. There are three forms: combinational, exploratory, and transformational. Whether computers could "really" be creative isn't a scientific question but a philosophical one, to which there's no clear answer. But we do have the beginnings of a scientific understanding of creativity.

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