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Windows 'Your Phone' app gives you access to Android files on a PC


If you have an Android device and happen to be a Windows Insider in the Fast ring, as well, you're among the first people who can take Microsoft's "Your Phone" app for a spin. Microsoft has started testing the experimental application, which gives you easy access to the files on your phone from a Windows 10 PC. Sure, you can use third-party and cloud services (or you can email yourself), but the feature promises a more seamless way to access files across devices. When you access Your Phone on a computer, you'll see the most recent snapshots on your Android device. You'll then be able to drag and drop them straight into another app, like PowerPoint if you're doing a presentation.

Information Management – Technology and Future Trends – Witan World


Hardware – hardware is made up of the computers, printers, networking devices, etc. The hardware provides the computing power for processing data. It also provides networking and printing capabilities. Software – these are programs that run on the hardware. The software is broken down into two major categories namely system software and applications software.


AAAI Conferences

The purpose of this track is to bring new insights in the design of the different types of culture- aware systems: Culture-aware intelligent tutoring systems, culture-aware educational systems, cross-cultural decision-making support systems.

Getting Started With Application Development Coursera


About this course: In this course, application developers learn how to design, develop, and deploy applications that seamlessly integrate components from the Google Cloud ecosystem. Through a combination of presentations, demos, and hands-on labs, participants learn how to use GCP services and pre-trained machine learning APIs to build secure, scalable, and intelligent cloud-native applications Course objectives This course teaches participants the following skills: Use best practices for application development. Choose the appropriate data storage option for application data. Develop loosely coupled application components or microservices. Debug, trace, and monitor applications.

Collaborative Systems (AAAI-94 Presidential Address)

AI Magazine

From the scientific perspective, the development of theories and mechanisms to enable building collaborative systems presents exciting research challenges across AI subfields. From the applications perspective, the capability to collaborate with users and other systems is essential if large-scale information systems of the future are to assist users in finding the information they need and solving the problems they have. Key features of collaborative activity are described, the scientific base provided by recent AI research is discussed, and several of the research challenges posed by collaboration are presented. It is further argued that research on, and the development of, collaborative systems should itself be a collaborative endeavor -- within AI, across subfields of computer science, and with researchers in other fields.