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NASA missions to 'unlock the mystery of the solar system' will be announced tonight

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Nasa is set to announce which missions have been selected for the next round of its'Discovery' Program. The Discovery Program started in 1992 and is focused on answering questions about our solar system through low-cost missions. Out of five mission concepts chosen in 2015, three targeted at asteroids and two at Venus, a maximum of two have been chosen to launch no later than 2021. Nasa is set to announce, tonight at 9PM GMT (4PM ET), which mission or missions have been selected for the next round of its'Discovery' mission. 'Nasa's Discovery Program gives scientists the opportunity to dig deep into their imaginations and find innovative ways to unlock the mysteries of the solar system,' the program website says.

Life and consciousness – The Vedāntic view


In the past, philosophers, scientists, and even the general opinion, had no problem in accepting the existence of consciousness in the same way as the existence of the physical world. After the advent of Newtonian mechanics, science embraced a complete materialistic conception about reality. Scientists started proposing hypotheses like abiogenesis (origin of first life from accumulation of atoms and molecules) and the Big Bang theory (the explosion theory for explaining the origin of universe). How the universe came to be what it is now is a key philosophical question. The hypothesis that it came from Nothing (as proposed by Stephen Hawking, among others), proves to be dissembling, since the quantum vacuum can hardly be considered a void.

Senior Data Scientist, Conversational AI


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Researchers Say That Primordial Black Holes Helped Create Gold In The Universe

International Business Times

The study of black holes has fascinated man ever since 1915, when the concept was first theorized. It has permeated popular culture through the entertainment world because of the wonder the idea holds. So, any new development in this sphere tends to be awaited with bated breath. The science behind the origin of the black hole has been a fiercely debated topic among those who have dedicated their life to understanding these enigmatic presences. While some theories have said that black holes were formed right after the big bang, others have argued they were formed with the death of the first star, millions of years after the formation of the galaxy.

Scientists shocked by 'extraordinary' discovery of unusual stars that could help explain the origins of life

The Independent - Tech

Phosphorus is key for understanding the story of our universe, and of life on Earth. It forms a part of the DNA and RNA molecules that together create more complex structures including humans, and is required to power cells and their membranes. But it also remains largely mysterious. Theoretical models of the evolution of chemicals within the galaxy have not been able to explain either the origin or the quantity of phosphorus that can be found within the Milky Way and our solar system. Our current account of the way those chemicals come about suggests there should be far less phosphorus than is actually found.