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Restore your deleted Spotify playlists

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You may never have visited it, but you actually have a Spotify account page on the web. You can access it by logging in at Just use the same account name and password you do to log in on a smartphone or desktop client. The first page you'll see gives you access to all the standard account information, including your name, your profile picture, and, if you have a premium subscription, the method you use to pay Spotify every month. For the purposes of this guide, the link we're interested in is the one marked Recover playlists, which does exactly what the name suggests.

Microsoft Groove builds smart music playlists around your tastes


Smart music discovery playlists are all the rage right now (just ask Spotify), and Microsoft knows it. It recently introduced a Your Groove feature to Groove Music that automatically creates playlists suited to your taste. It'll generate track listings for your existing OneDrive music collection based on your listening habits, moods and artist activity, so you can revisit a favorite band when it's on tour. However, the real party starts when you have a Music Pass -- Groove will throw new songs into the playlists to expand your horizons.

Spotify now allows you to add podcasts to playlists iTMunch


Just this morning, Spotify announced a new feature that will let users add their podcasts to playlists. Besides, users can create the custom playlists of their preferred podcasts or even those that blend music and audio. This is similar to Spotify's own recently launched "Your Daily Drive." By "Your Daily Drive," Spotify puts its personalized engine to work to connect both music and news from selected sources. With the ability to build your podcast-filled playlists, you will not have to rely on Spotify's curation as much.

Great, now you can get dumped via Spotify playlist


Playlists are great for starting relationships, but now a true genius has shown us all that they can also be used to end them. The pioneer of this awesome new technique is Kirsten Titus, 19, who decided to break things off with her boyfriend Wyatt Hall, 20, by making him a Spotify playlist full of songs that made it obvious she was moving him into the friend zone. When you put all the song titles together they spell out, "Do you still want to kiss me because I am kinda lovin' someone else but we can still be friends." She made it last week, using an account she shares with her younger sister, Erika. So my sister has gone on a couple of dates with a guy named Wyatt but she likes someone else so she made him a Spotify playlist and...

Spotify's new playlist is personalized to your teenage years


Spotify has added another personalized playlist to its lineup, but rather than a compilation of what you've been listening to or what you might like to hear, this one takes you back to what you used to play, probably on a CD or something. "Your Time Capsule" features 30 songs that "take you back in time to your teenage years," and the playlist is around two hours long. Spotify's personalized playlists are one of its best features. The streaming service launched its "Discover Weekly" playlists back in mid-2015 and less than a year later, over 40 million users had streamed around 5 billion tracks from their personalized selections. Last year, it launched Daily Mixes -- six playlists separated by genre curated based on your listening habits -- as well as "Release Radar," which features new songs from artists you like, updated every week.