Rep. Scott Peters endorses fellow Democrat Paul Kerr in House race against Darrell Issa

Los Angeles Times

This is Essential Politics, our in-the-moment look at California political and government news. Rep. Scott Peters endorses fellow Democrat Paul Kerr in House race against Darrell Issa

Emma Stone writes fellow Oscar nominee Marina de Tavira 'incredible' note before ceremony

FOX News

Emma Stone surprised her fellow Oscar nom with a note on Sunday. Emma Stone surprised fellow best supporting actress nominee Marina de Tavira with a bouquet of peach-colored flowers and a sweet note ahead of the Oscars on Sunday. The star of "The Favourite" wished her competition good luck, adding that it was a privilege to be nominated in the same category as the "Roma" actress. The honor is all mine #EmmaStone what an incredible way to start the day. In the note, Stone congratulated de Tavira and said it was a "huge honor" to be nominated alongside her.

Trump Shoves Fellow NATO Leader Aside on His First Summit

U.S. News

During the leaders' joint photo shoot in the new building, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau encouraged his counterparts to wave for the cameras. Some did as Trudeau requested, but Trump did not raise his arm.

Insight launches Data PM Fellows Program โ€“ Insight Data


After helping over 1200 Insight Fellows become data scientists, data engineers and AI engineers across the US, we're excited to announce that we're expanding our efforts to enable top product managers to transition to data product management roles. The Insight Data Product Management Fellows Program will start this summer in Silicon Valley and provide experienced PMs with a passion for data an avenue to join top company building AI-enabled products as a Data PM.

Two establishment senators blast fellow Republican Trump

The Japan Times

WASHINGTON โ€“ In a dramatic day of denunciation that laid bare a Republican Party at war with itself, Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona declared he would not be "complicit" with President Donald Trump and announced his surprise retirement on Tuesday, while Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee declared the president "debases our nation" with constant untruths and name-calling. Corker, too, will retire at the end of his term. The White House shed no tears at the prospect of the two fellow Republicans' departures. Trump boasted to staff members that he had played a role in forcing the senators out. It was a stunning rebuke of a sitting president from prominent members of his own party -- and added to a chorus of criticism of Trump that has been growing louder and more public.