Why Cart Abandonment Rates Aren't Falling


Research from Barilliance, an eCommerce personalization tools developer, illuminates the challenge. Part of the problem is rooted in technology… there could be little or no optimization for mobile. It may not be possible for the retailer to throw a rescue line such as a pop-up into the midst of a transaction going sideways. McGill University marketing professor Robert Soroka says sales are won and lost before checkout. "The issue is what goes on before the consumer gets to the checkout line.

Is your strategy for combating cart-abandonment in 2018 good enough?


This is an excellent time of year to review your techniques for combatting cart and site-wide revenue abandonment. If you currently don't have a strategy for dealing with this issue, you can use this guide to develop one.

DNA Evidence Leads to Woman's Arrest in Abandonment of Baby

U.S. News

Mesa police say 24-year-old Maricela Perez acknowledged giving birth in March 2016 and placing the hours-old baby in front of a home after deciding against taking the infant at a fire station designated as no-questions-asked haven for newborns.

51 Migrants Presumed Dead After Abandonment in Niger Desert

U.S. News

The group said Tuesday that some 24 migrants from Gambia, Nigeria, Senegal and Ivory Coast alerted authorities days ago that they had been stranded. The organization said the survivors were taken to Seguedine, where one died. They will be transferred to the Dirkou center Tuesday.

Choosing alternative cancer treatment doubles your risk of death

New Scientist

People who choose alternative medicine over conventional treatment for their cancer are more likely to die from the disease. That's what Skyler Johnson and his colleagues at Yale School of Medicine in Connecticut found when they looked at treatment and survival records from the US National Cancer Database. The team identified 281 people with breast, prostate, lung and colorectal cancer who had opted for unproven treatments, shunning conventional approaches such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Johnson doesn't know what alternative treatments these people took, but has seen many of his own patients opt for a wide range of therapies. "They could be herbs, botanicals, homeopathy, special diets or energy crystals, which are basically just stones that people believe have healing powers," he says.