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Assessing Game Balance with AlphaZero: Exploring Alternative Rule Sets in Chess


It is non-trivial to design engaging and balanced sets of game rules. Modern chess has evolved over centuries, but without a similar recourse to history, the consequences of rule changes to game dynamics are difficult to predict. AlphaZero provides an alternative in silico means of game balance assessment. It is a system that can learn near-optimal strategies for any rule set from scratch, without any human supervision, by continually learning from its own experience. In this study we use AlphaZero to creatively explore and design new chess variants.

Really Bad Chess makes chess fun even if you're really bad


Last summer, game designer Zach Gage -- best known for mobile titles like Spelltower and Ridiculous FIshing -- went for a walk with a friend, and eventually the discussion turned to chess. His friend had recently taken up the game and become quite proficient, whereas Gage was never able to get into it, despite multiple attempts. This gulf in skill and experience meant that the two couldn't play together in a meaningful way; if they tried, Gage would get crushed, and the match wouldn't be much fun. So he decided to fix the problem. Today sees the launch of Really Bad Chess on iOS.

Retired Chess Grandmaster, AlphaZero AI Reinvent Chess


Russian chess grandmaster Vladimir Kramnik is working with DeepMind's chess program, AlphaZero, to analyze new variants in an attempt to reinvent the popular strategy board game. Vladimir Kramnik, Classical World Chess Champion from 2000 to 2006, has proposed nine new chess variants last Wednesday, September 9. He has worked together with the artificial intelligence (AI) laboratory DeepMind, a subsidiary of Google's parent company Alphabet Inc, to evaluate his proposals with the help of the AlphaZero AI. In a report submitted to Cornell University, Nenad Tomašev, Ulrich Paquet, and Demis Hassabis from DeepMind worked with grandmaster Vladimir Kramnik to assess game balance in the new variations with help from AlphaZero. It defines AlphaZero as "a reinforcement learning system that can learn near-optimal strategies for any rules set from scratch without any human supervision, and provides an in silico alternative for game balance assessment."

DeepMind's AI is helping to re-write the rules of the chess


In the game between chess and artificial intelligence, Google DeepMind's researchers have made yet another move, this time teaming up with ex-chess world champion Vladimir Kramnik to design and trial new AI-infused variants of the game. With the objective of improving the design of balanced sets of game rules, the research team set out to discover the best tweaks they could possibly give to the centuries-old board game, in an ambitious effort to refresh chess dynamics thanks to AI. The scientists used AlphaZero, an adaptive learning system that can teach itself new rules from scratch and achieve superhuman levels of play, to test the outcomes of nine different chess variants that they pre-defined with Kramnik's help. For each variant, AlphaZero played tens of thousands of games against itself, analyzing every possible move for any given chessboard condition, and generating new strategies and game-play patterns. Kramnik and the researchers then assessed what games between human players might look like if these variants were adopted, to find out whether different sets of rules might improve the game.

Up your style *and* strategy with a crystal chess set on sale


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