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Jeopardy mobile game

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Do you enjoy decompressing after a long day with an episode of Jeopardy!? We have some good news. Developed by social games maker Uken Games and Sony Pictures' gaming division, Jeopardy! World Tour lets players compete with opponents around the world or challenge friends in head-to-head matches. The mobile game offers "hundreds of thousands" of clues covering a range of categories.

Why That "Jeopardy!" Computer Isn't That Smart

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Mike Richards steps down as 'Jeopardy!' host


Just over a week after being named Alex Trebek's Jeopardy! Richards got the job after a rotation of celebrities guest-hosted Jeopardy!, including fan favorites like LeVar Burton and Ken Jennings. His hiring was met with confusion and skepticism by longtime fans of the program, and unearthed allegations of toxic leadership during his time at The Price is Right. On August 18, The Ringer published interviews with multiple staffers who worked with Richards over the years, as well as inappropriate comments made on his own podcast from 2013-2014. He announced he would give up hosting two days later.