Ottawa trivia buff's exclamations winning over Jeopardy! fans


An Ottawa software developer is looking to make it three wins in a row on Jeopardy Thursday, and his popularity with fans of the game show appears to be growing as quickly as his winnings. Grant McSheffrey has won $53,400 over two nights on the long-running TV show. McSheffrey's enthusiastic reaction to his first win on Tuesday night went viral, his beaming face quickly turned into memes as fans of the show shared in his excitement. "It was just ... I can't believe I am a Jeopardy champion! I'm on Jeopardy and I just won!

Black Panther brings a touch of Wakanda to 'Black Jeopardy' on 'SNL'


Chadwick Boseman hosted Saturday Night Live this week, and of course he gave us a little King T'Challa action. He once again stepped into the role of Wakanda's king for a new episode of the recurring sketch "Black Jeopardy," hosted by Darnell Hayes (Kenan Thompson). The joke this time plays off the sad reality that Wakanda is a fictional African nation. A place where law enforcement is a trusted keeper of the public peace and racial inequality is a foreign concept. You know, a place that in no way resembles the United States.

This priceless 'Jeopardy!' mistake reminds us to keep it 'gangsta'


On a recent episode of Jeopardy!, everyone learned an important lesson about the proper use of the word "gangsta."

em Jeopardy! /em 's Latest Champion Isn't Just Winning the Game. He's Changing It.


In his 1984 fever dream "I Lost on Jeopardy," "Weird Al" Yankovic imagines disgracing his family for generations to come after he's outsmarted by an architect and a plumber on national television. But not even Weird Al could have conjured up current Jeopardy! In his first 11 victories, Holzhauer has broken scores of records and then broken some of his own. He is dismissing his competition with an enviable and breezy dispatch, and with winnings totaling $771,290, he is already one of the most successful contestants on any game show in television history. Holzhauer possesses a particular set of skills that have made him the most successful Jeopardy!