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Data Science Central launched this week the Data Science Research Center, a public online resource for practitioners to read, download or publish high quality papers. If your article is accepted, you are entitled to a signed, free copy of Dr Granville's book, may have your profile featured on DSC on the featured members page, and be featured in the members of the week section in our weekly digest. The Research Center is the place to post research papers, preprints and non commercial white papers discussing data science / big data new techniques, principles and methodology. Currently, the 11 articles listed are internal to our Research Lab. Also, all articles published in the Research Center are part of our RSS Feed System and may be distributed on partner websites, thus increasing your reach.

[In Depth] Human embryo research confronts ethical 'rule'


Researchers studying human embryos in the lab have always hit a roadblock at about 7 days--the point where the embryo would usually attach to the uterus. Now, two teams report growing human embryos about a week past that point, revealing key differences between the development of human and mice embryos. The limit now isn't technological, but ethical: a widely held rule that dictates all embryo research should be stopped at 14 days. Now that culturing methods have finally made it possible to reach this point, some scientists and bioethicists are saying the rule should be revisited. But that won't be welcomed by those who consider the rule to have a firm moral grounding--nor by those who oppose all research on human embryos.

Putting Data to Work : Research Library


Data are constantly evolving; the only way to keep up is to start thinking differently about the data you collect and use in order to make better data-driven decisions. Putting Data to Work, by Ellen D. Wagner, explores how to do this, as well as identifies opportunities to advance the skillset required to be on top of your game in a data-driven digital world. This report analyzes how data are acting as a catalyst for change within the eLearning field. The time to start thinking about data is now, not in the future. Download this report to determine if you are using the right data for the best decisions in your work.

Research and Markets - Market Research Reports - Welcome


As the volume of on-road automobiles increases dramatically, the search for new technologies to reduce fuel emissions and lower fuel consumption is key. We take a look at some new developments gaining popularity with leading automobile companies.