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DHL Delivery Drone Is Three Times As Fast As A Car

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In flight, the wings pivot 90 degrees, and the drone flies like a plane. This first draft of history is messy. We accept now that the Wright Brothers were the first to achieve powered, human flight, and that they did so on December 17th, 1903. They were hardly the first to experiment with flight, though, and at the time the brother's work was viewed skeptically by many rivals. In the new age of drone flight, video and the internet make success easier to prove, but it's the exact definition of success that's hard to pin down.

Watch A UPS Drone Deliver Medical Supplies To An Island

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UPS, despite its decades of delivery experience, is a latecomer to the drone delivery game. Drone startup Flirtey demonstrated a ship-to-shore drone delivery of medical supplies off the coast of New Jersey earlier this summer, and drone delivery company Zipline declared its intent to delivery needed blood to rural populations in Washington State's San Juan islands. And it's not just startups that are already doing delivery. Amazon's drone program is perhaps the most famous, but Europe's own DHL delivery giant experimented with drones in difficult mountain terrain. Chinese online retailer is also exploring drone delivery in marshy and channel-crossed provinces, where flying drones can fly easily over the car-impassible waterways.

Boeing's Skunk Works Cargo Drone Is a Heavy Lifter


Most likely, your expectations for the age of drone delivery involve cute li'l quadcopters that descend onto your porch with a gentle bzzzz, deposit a box of diapers or a pizza or whatever else you just ordered online, before zooming back to base, ready to deliver the next whim. That's the vision pitched by the likes of Amazon, UPS, and DHL, and it's an appealing one.

UPS is testing out its own delivery drones


One of the world's largest package delivery companies is stepping up efforts to integrate drones into its system. UPS has partnered with robot-maker CyPhy Works to test the use of drones to make commercial deliveries to remote or difficult-to-access locations.The companies began testing the drones on Thursday, when they launched one from the seaside town of Marblehead. The drone flew on a programmed route for 3 miles over the Atlantic Ocean to deliver an inhaler at Children's Island. SEE ALSO: Pie in the sky: Domino's announce drone delivery, despite no approval The successful landing was greeted by jubilant shouts from CyPhy Works and UPS employees on the island to witness the test."I CyPhy Works founder Helen Greiner, who previously co-founded robot-maker iRobot, said the drone tests with UPSallow her company to gather engineering and cost information and then work with UPS to look at where drones can add the most value to UPS' extensive network.

World's first drone delivery service launches in Iceland

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Locals in Reykjavik are now getting their takeaways delivered by drone. The world's first operational drone delivery service has launched this week in Iceland's capital city. The company behind the service plans to scale it up in the next few months to make hundreds of drone deliveries each day. If you order a takeaway while in Reykjavik, there's a good chance it will be delivered to you by a drone. The world's first operational drone delivery service has launched this week in Iceland's capital city Deliveries are made by Flytrex's autonomous delivery drone'Mule'.