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Hyundai Motor sets up new tech R&D lab


Seeking to secure new areas of growth, Hyundai Motor, the nation's largest carmaker has launched an in-house research institute to foster future technologies, the company said Tuesday. The lab, named the Strategic Technology Research Institute, will focus on industries that are expected to expand long-term, such as robotics, artificial intelligence, new materials, the sharing economy and information and communications technology. The institute, in Uiwang, just south of Seoul, will also seek ways to commercialize the technologies and nurture startups there, Hyundai Motor said. Read also: Japan's latest mascot is a flying drone puppy The institute will be ran by two separate divisions: One with engineers in charge of research and development, and the other with market strategists developing business models in new technologies, the company added.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Research Labs in the World


Artificial intelligence is continuously evolving and propagating across every industry. With much of the groundbreaking innovations moving the industry forward, the technology is continuously making headlines every day. AI refers to software or systems that perform intelligent tasks like those of human brains such as learning, reasoning, and judgment. Its applications range from automation and translation systems for natural languages that people use daily, to image recognition systems that help identify faces and letters from images. Today, AI is used in different forms include digital assistants, chatbots and machine learning, among others.

Interested in AI research? There's an institute for that


The IARAI will exist as a private, independent entity. Its purpose – and the charge of its leaders – is to drive AI forward to work on the intricate problems that can only be solved using massive geolocation datasets, deepening the location intelligence needed to enable an autonomous world. By combining their minds with the large datasets and expertise from HERE, we hope to provide the resources that will help develop sophisticated AI algorithms and open the door for the advancement of autonomy.

[In Depth] African HIV/tuberculosis institutes merge


Two prominent biomedical research institutes in South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal province announced that they plan to merge and form the Africa Health Research Institute. One of the partners, the Africa Centre for Population Health, has long focused on epidemiological and demographic studies. Its funder is the Wellcome Trust. The Howard Hughes Medical Institute founded the second partner, the KwaZulu-Natal Research Institute for Tuberculosis and HIV. The Africa Health Research Institute is a new lease on life for both struggling institutes, which plan to combine their clinical and basic research skills to address major research questions in both HIV and tuberculosis.

Tissue, organ research institute to benefit injured soldiers

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"This is a monumental investment in the future of New Hampshire and further establishes this region as a hub for scientific research and development," they said in a statement. "This is an immense and critically important mission and we have full faith in this esteemed coalition as they take on this research that will save lives on the battlefield as well as here at home."