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India coronavirus infections: Anxiety over rising number of cases

Al Jazeera

India has crossed more than half a million coronavirus infections, driven by another record daily increase. That has led to worries about a shortage of medical equipment, and a scramble to build temporary facilities. Al Jazeera's Victoria Gatenby begins our coverage with the situation in India.

How Many Coronavirus Infections? Rewards for Testing May Provide an Answer

NYT > Economy

He was missing one critical number: the infection rate in the general population. Three economists -- Magne Mogstad and Alexander Torgovitsky of the University of Chicago and Andres Santos of U.C.L.A. -- have devised a technique to provide it, by figuring out how to coax even people who believe they are healthy into taking a test for the coronavirus. Short of testing everybody -- an onerous exercise, even if enough test kits were available -- figuring out the infection rate across the population requires a representative sample. The sample will include sick people clamoring to be tested but also people who have little interest in going through the ordeal. In Iceland, which performed tests on a big share of its population, researchers said the results might have been skewed because those concerned about potential infection were more likely to take part.

Palestine records highest daily coronavirus infections

Al Jazeera

Palestine confirmed seven more deaths and 1,000 new coronavirus infections over the past 24 hours - the highest single-day jump since the outbreak began. The virus killed six more in the occupied West Bank, and one in the Gaza Strip. In a statement on Thursday, the health ministry said the death toll in Palestine rose to 224, while the total infections reached 37,214 - including 25,483 recoveries. The ministry said the rate of recovery from the coronavirus has reached 68.5 percent, while the rate of active infections reached 30.9 percent, and the death rate was 0.6 percent of all infections. The new coronavirus cases are distributed according to the following: Hebron Governorate (101), Nablus Governorate (82), Bethlehem Governorate (51), Qalqilya Governorate (35), Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate (112), Jenin (14), Jericho and al-Aghwar (30), Tubas (28), Tulkarm (18), Salfit (22), the Gaza Strip (195), the suburbs of Jerusalem (57) and the city of occupied East Jerusalem (255).

Wuhan coronavirus infections may be 10 times higher than reported, China CDC study finds

FOX News

A new report finds China censored and suppressed alarming information on the severity of COVID-19 in the early days of the virus; Gordon Chang, author of'The Coming Collapse of China,' reacts. A study on coronavirus antibodies in Wuhan's population conducted back in mid-April suggests the true tally of COVID-19 infections may have been 10 times higher than the numbers were reported by health officials. Of the 11 million people living in the city, China's Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found 4.43% had antibodies for the virus. That percentage amounts to nearly 500,000 people who had contracted the novel virus, but at the time, the city was reporting about 50,000 infections. The CDC study involved a sampling of more than 34,000 people in Wuhan and six nearby provinces. Wuhan is where the virus was first detected nearly a year ago.

Hong Kong Disneyland closes for third time amid coronavirus pandemic

FOX News

Desi D'Amani, one of 28,000 recently laid-off Disneyland workers, discusses a rally of former employees she organized to push for the park to reopen. Well, it was fun while it lasted. Hong Kong Disneyland will close for the third time this year due to a new wave of coronavirus infections in the city. The theme park announced the news on Tuesday, explaining that it will temporarily shut down on Dec. 2 as a preventative measure in the fight against COVID-19. It remains unclear how long the amusement park may be closed.