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Training and Using Disciple Agents: A Case Study in the Military Center of Gravity Analysis Domain

AI Magazine

This article presents the results of a multifaceted research and development effort that synergistically integrates AI research with military strategy research and practical deployment of agents into education. It describes recent advances in the DISCIPLE approach to agent development by subject-matter experts with limited assistance from knowledge engineers, the innovative application of DISCIPLE to the development of agents for the strategic center of gravity analysis, and the deployment and evaluation of these agents in several courses at the U.S. Army War College.

Training and Using Disciple Agents: A Case Study in the Military Center of Gravity Analysis Domain

AI Magazine

Originally introduced them together in a synergistic manner has resulted by Clausewitz in his classical work On in faster progress for each of them. War (1976), the center of gravity is now understood Moreover, it offers a new perspective on how to as representing "those characteristics, capabilities, combine research in AI with research in a specialized or localities from which a military domain and with the development force derives its freedom of action, physical and deployment of prototype systems in education strength, or will to fight" (Joint Chiefs of Staff and practice.

Disasters: Where is God?

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I haven't enjoyed living on the sandy Gulf beaches or made a home along the beautiful Florida coastlines. But on the other hand, I have never had to be afraid of the ocean's wrath, either. Hurricanes don't strike my part of the country like they just hammered our neighbors and family members from Houston to Miami and every island nearby. I have, however, seen five decades worth of tornados and destruction while living in Oklahoma and Nebraska. I've learned that words cannot ever express the devastation and the emotional hit in the gut that families take in the wake of these disasters.

Footsteps of Judas reveals that he may not have been such a sinner after all

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While the name'Judas' is synonymous with the most heinous of traitors, one expert suggests we re-address the claims against him As many of us regret gorging on chocolate for days, Christians spend the Easter weekend reflecting on the death of Jesus and his resurrection. In many Orthodox and Catholic countries, an effigy of Judas is burned as part of the Easter rituals, a custom that continued in Liverpool until as late as the mid-20th century. And Judas' bad rap doesn't just extend to religious ritual, it has also become an insult in contemporary culture. While the name'Judas' may be synonymous with the most heinous of traitors, Katie Edwards from the University of Sheffield suggests it may be time to re-address the claims in an article for The Conversation. Judas Iscariot was, according to the New Testament, one of the twelve original disciples of Jesus.

A Disciple of Brazil's Dictatorship Moves Closer to the Presidency

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He leads a crowded field of 13 candidates heading into the first round of elections on Oct. 7 with 35 percent of likely votes, according to the latest survey by polling firm Datafolha. If no candidate wins a majority, the top two vote-getters will go head-to-head on Oct. 28. Pollsters give Bolsonaro a roughly 30-percent chance of winning the race outright this weekend; some say privately his chances might be even better than that.