Spotify will revise artist behavior policy following backlash


Spotify may already have to backtrack on its policy limiting promotion for artists based on their conduct. Bloomberg sources have heard that it will alter the conduct policy in response to an uproar over its decision to pull XXXTentacion's music from playlists for his behavior, including charges for allegedly beating a pregnant woman. Artists like Kendrick Lamar reportedly called Spotify chief Daniel Ek and artist relations head Troy Carter to not only show their displeasure, but to threaten to pull their music from the service if it didn't make changes. Carter threatened to leave, according to the tipsters, but he decided to stay put after promises of reform from Ek. There's no talk of restoring R. Kelly's music. The parties involved have declined to comment so far.

Motivational Ambient and Latent Behaviors in Computer RPGs

AAAI Conferences

Character behaviors in computer roleplaying games have a significant impact on game-play, but are often difficult for game authors to implement and adapt. We present a behavior model that requires no manual script writing. In this model, behaviors can be interrupted and resumed, they can transition to other behaviors depending on game events, and they can be chosen based on motivations. We have extended the generative pattern approach of ScriptEase to support behaviors. We describe an implementation of this model that generates scripting code for a commercial game, Neverwinter Nights.

A Demonstration of ScriptEase Motivational Ambient and Latent Behaviors for Computer RPGs

AAAI Conferences

This demonstration describes the generation of ambient and latent NPC behavior scripts using generative behavior patterns with ScriptEase. Our behavior model supports behavior roles, a powerful mechanism that allows an NPC to change behavior sets during the story. Our motivation model for selecting ambient behaviors generates more realistic NPC behaviors and our novel collaboration protocol simplifies and extends the NPCs' collaborations with a broader range of NPCs. We demonstrate motivational ambient and latent behaviors for a guard NPC in a custom Neverwinter Nights game module. With ScriptEase, game authors can use, adapt, and create behavior patterns that generate complex, versatile, and engaging NPC behaviors.

A Demonstration of ScriptEase Ambient and PCinteractive Behavior Generation for Computer Role-Playing Games

AAAI Conferences

ScriptEase is a visual tool that enables game designers to create complex interactive stories for computer roleplaying games, without programming. In particular, ScriptEase automatically generates the scripting code for ambient and PCinteractive non-player character (NPC) behaviors from a set of behavior patterns. Without ScriptEase, a game designer would have to write scripting code manually to specify NPC behaviors. This demonstration describes the steps of generating complex and nonrepetitive ambient and PCinteractive behavior scripts using generative behavior patterns with ScriptEase. We show how ambient behavior patterns are used to regenerate and improve the behaviors of all ambient NPCs in the Prelude module of the BioWare Corp.'s Neverwinter Nights official campaign. We also demonstrate PCinteractive behaviors for a guard NPC in a custom Neverwinter Nights game module. With ScriptEase behavior patterns, game designers can easily and quickly populate a story with an engaging group of NPCs.

ScriptEase - Motivational Behaviors for Interactive Characters in Computer Role-Playing Games

AAAI Conferences

ScriptEase is a tool that allows authors with no programming experience to create interactive stories for computer roleplaying games. Instead of writing scripting code manually, game authors select design patterns that encapsulate frequent game scenarios, creating stories at a higher level of abstraction and being shielded from the underlying scripting language. ScriptEase has been extended to support behavior patterns that generate ambient behaviors for non-player characters. This demonstration shows how ScriptEase creates intricate non-player character scripts to generate compelling and engaging character behaviors. We demonstrate our ScriptEase motivational ambient and PCinteractive behaviors for a guard character using BioWare Corp.'s Neverwinter Nights game.