3 challenges when migrating to cloud-based project management software


For instance, many people will find it challenging to stop relying that much on emails and it may take a while before teams finally phase them out. Once they do, it is a great load off, actually. Cloud-based project management solutions also usually require far less reporting and obsessing over the schedule on the behalf of the managers. This can sometimes put added burden on individual employees and team members. Once again, after a while, this actually becomes a good thing.

Dronze Bots that become your new DevOps team member.


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US Senate approves encrypted chat app Signal for staff use


The United States Senate has been taking cybersecurity more seriously than ever before, thanks to the DNC leaks and various government cyberattacks. Senate Sergeant at Arms Frank J. Larkin and his team have recently finished encrypting all Senators' websites, and it turns out he has also approved Signal for official use by Senate staff members. Sen. Ron Wyden, a privacy and encryption advocate, has revealed that Larkin's office has given one of the most secure messaging apps out there its seal of approval in a letter thanking the Sergeant at Arms for his efforts. While the letter was sent on May 9th, ZDNet says staff members were first allowed to use the app for official business back in March. That the current administration would approve Signal for official use came as somewhat of a surprise.

The open-source Dronecode dog fight


Dronecode, the non-profit organization developing a common, shared open-source platform for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), aka drones, has recently made management decisions that has led to some programmers picking up their code and flying away. ArduPilot is taking its code and forking from Dronecode. Andrew "Tridge" Tridgell, one of the Samba file server creators and a founder of ArduPilot, an open-source drone platform, claims that Dronecode's "Platinum members staged what can only be called a coup." According to Tridgell, the Platinum members "removed all top level open-source projects from Dronecode, leaving only their own nominees in the Technical Steering Committee. They passed a resolution requiring that all projects hand over control of all trademarks, accounts, and domains to their control."

Juncker Urges EU Member States to Talk With One Voice

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VIENNA (Reuters) - The head of the European Union's executive arm, Jean-Claude Juncker, on Friday called for member states to get rid of unanimity rules and make more decisions with qualified majorities to strengthen the bloc's role in the world.