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Why leading DevOps may get you a promotion


Does leading or engaging in DevOps a career booster? Gene Kim, author of The Phoenix Project and leading DevOps proponent, seems to think so. In a recent interview with TechBeacon's Mike Perrow, Kim notes that of "the nearly 100 speakers at DevOps Enterprise Summits over the last two years, about one in three have been promoted." Kim suggests that the reason these individuals have been promoted is because they "have created something of incredible value" to their organizations, and this has been noticed. There's an acknowledgement that this value extends well beyond the confines of IT departments.

DevOps Tutorial: Complete Beginners DevOps Training - 10 in 1 Bundle


Do you want to be a DevOps Engineer? This DevOps Skill bundle consists of 10 lucrative online courses to start your career in this domain. DevOps enables developers to work hand-in-hand with operations staff to ensure that software runs efficiently without errors. For faster software delivery, many companies are adopting DevOps methodology creating a huge demand for professionals skilled in DevOps. Our skill bundle will help you secure a job in this field.

Building bridges with DevOps


Katherine is co-author, along with Jennifer Davis, of O'Reilly Media's Effective DevOps, and is presenting on the topic of "Building bridges with DevOps" at Velocity New York in September. We recently sat down to discuss what it's like when an organization adopts DevOps, and how that transition can be improved. Here are some highlights from our conversation. One of the big issues I've seen is organizations that look to "DevOps" as a solution without a clear understanding of what problems they are trying to solve. DevOps is not a magical one-size-fits-all panacea that can be applied the same way to every organization--what works for Etsy is not what will work for Netflix is not what will solve problems at Chef and so on and so forth.

Pega Blogs: What is DevOps and Why Should You Care?


You've heard this term, DevOps, tossed around. People seem fairly worked up about it. Wondering what all the excitement is about? Is this just another industry buzzword that will fade away with little impact?

Are you worried about Automation taking our jobs? Here are top skills to defend against Automation


How to avoid the next automation revolution and which jobs won't be automated? What are the future-proof skills you can learn to avoid automation taking over your jobs? GreyCampus depicts a picture of what critical skills are valuable in the next decade.