Report: Chaperones Didn't See Student Struggling in Water

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The Sun Journal reports the preliminary findings by a law firm hired by the superintendent indicate adult chaperones felt that the lifeguard was slow to respond. The body of 13-year-old Rayan Lewis was ultimately found a half-hour after he went missing.

Putting the RuBisCO pieces together


Among the thousands of different enzymes that have evolved in nature, ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase-oxygenase (known as RuBisCO) holds a special place. It is the enzyme in plants, algae, and many photosynthetic bacteria that ultimately takes energy derived from the Sun and uses it to convert or "fix" atmospheric CO2 into organic forms of carbon that constitute the basis for life (1). To carry out such a massive chemical conversion requires a huge amount of the enzyme, especially because RuBisCO performs reactions quite slowly. Accordingly, RuBisCO is believed to be the most abundant enzyme on the planet (1, 2). RuBisCO is unusual in other ways as well.

[Editors' Choice] How tissues can take the heat


Heat shock proteins (HSPs) show a generally conserved stress response, interacting with specific chaperone proteins to maintain cellular homeostasis. However, studies of the heat shock response (HSR) tend to be performed in unicellular organisms or tissue culture. To test whether the HSR is global or tissue-specific, Ma et al. examined HSR and specificity in muscle and intestine in Caenorhabditis elegans. They observed that the tissue specificity of the HSR was determined by the ratio of the specific proteome of each tissue relative to associated HSP chaperone proteins. On the basis of these findings, the authors suggest that some tissue-specific human disease may be explained by similar mechanisms.

Mason cautions young models

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NEW YORK – Model Claudia Mason didn't have a guide to the glamorous and sometimes difficult life of modeling. So, she decided to write one: "Finding the Supermodel in You." For one, Mason says young models never go to castings or shoots without a chaperone. "My mother always insisted that there was a chaperone present if she couldn't - she was a single mother, working raising me – to go off and accompany me to Europe or certain jobs, or wherever that there was a chaperone," Mason told FOX411. "So, it is so important to have some adult figure."

Gutfeld on the MAGA teen video

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Social media makes it easier for the press to manipulate us. So it's up to us not to take the bait. It exploded over all Twitter: Kids in MAGA hats taunting a Native American man. Soon after, other tape surfaced - where it appears the teens were doing cheers, when approached by the drummer who beat the instrument in their faces. This was after different activists had approached and harassed the teens.