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No More Tickets for Charging Phones at Outlets in Boulder

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Police Chief Greg Testa says police usually approach people about using the outlets along the city's pedestrian mall after getting complaints from vendors who use them. He says they mostly issued warnings and police will continue to direct people to use outlets at the library or shelters.

CU Boulder to Allow Stadium-Wide Alcohol Sales Again

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An article published on on Thursday says that after a four-year track record of responsible behavior by vendors and fans, the university is ready to extend alcohol sales to the concourse areas so fans can bring their drinks back to their seats.

How Cargo Ships Could Help Detect Tsunamis


This March marked 10 years since the Tohoku earthquake triggered a devastating tsunami off the northeast coast of Japan. Major tsunamis are rare throughout history, but it's often impossible to know exactly when and where one will occur. But to improve warning, the thousands of cargo ships that traverse the world's oceans could offer critical, if unexpected, assistance. While ferrying goods, commercial vessels could leverage their GPS systems to form a distributed network of sensors capable of picking up subtle elevation changes indicative of a passing tsunami, a series of large waves most often caused by earthquakes under the sea. This approach, which researchers simulated in a recently published paper, aims to significantly enhance detection and forecast abilities by simply turning existing ships into a floating array for sensing waves, all without having to spend a lot of money on new infrastructure.

Lawsuit Filed Challenging Boulder's New Assault Ban

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It requires people who own magazines that hold 10 or more rounds or bump stocks to dispose of them or sell them by July 15. People who already own assault weapons will be able to keep them but must get a certificate proving prior ownership.

More Boulders May Fall After Rock Slide in Billings

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Battalion Chief Jason Lyon estimates that between 100 and 150 yards (91 and 137 meters) of cliff face broke away Tuesday night from the Rimrocks, geological rimrock sandstone formations surrounding parts of Billings, and came crashing down into a neighborhood.