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Energy Department Says Wind Power Projects Continue in US

U.S. News

The U.S. Department of Energy reports that the continued construction of wind-power generating stations is bringing down both the cost of building the installations and the price for wind-generated electricity.

ENERGY ATLAS reveals 100% renewable energy is viable now


But politicians must un-rig the rules favouring polluting energy monopolies and get behind citizens building Europe's 100% renewable future."

[In Depth] A reboot for wave energy


The United Kingdom has ample resources for ocean energy and has long been a leader in wave energy research. After the bankruptcies of two pioneering wave energy companies, the Scottish government has gone back to the drawing board. A new agency is funding crosscutting research, for example in materials and control systems, that could help a range of wave energy devices. The government program is also trying to improve technology transfer and build investor confidence by benchmarking progress. Companies are trying out novel designs, such as a giant rubber tube and polymers that generate electricity when flexed.

Japan gets its first office building fully powered with solar energy

The Japan Times

SAGA – The country's first office building fully powered by off-the-grid solar energy opened Monday in the city of Saga.

Bill Would Increase the State's Reliance on Renewable Energy

U.S. News

The measure works toward that goal in part by pushing for more offshore wind power and hydroelectricity, increasing storage capacity for renewable energy, and expanding access to curbside charging stations for electronic vehicles.