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Introduction to Arabic Speech Recognition Using CMUSphinx System Artificial Intelligence

In this paper Arabic was investigated from the speech recognition problem point of view. We propose a novel approach to build an Arabic Automated Speech Recognition System (ASR). This system is based on the open source CMU Sphinx-4, from the Carnegie Mellon University. CMU Sphinx is a large-vocabulary; speaker-independent, continuous speech recognition system based on discrete Hidden Markov Models (HMMs). We build a model using utilities from the OpenSource CMU Sphinx. We will demonstrate the possible adaptability of this system to Arabic voice recognition.

DiaLex: A Benchmark for Evaluating Multidialectal Arabic Word Embeddings Artificial Intelligence

Word embeddings are a core component of modern natural language processing systems, making the ability to thoroughly evaluate them a vital task. We describe DiaLex, a benchmark for intrinsic evaluation of dialectal Arabic word embedding. DiaLex covers five important Arabic dialects: Algerian, Egyptian, Lebanese, Syrian, and Tunisian. Across these dialects, DiaLex provides a testbank for six syntactic and semantic relations, namely male to female, singular to dual, singular to plural, antonym, comparative, and genitive to past tense. DiaLex thus consists of a collection of word pairs representing each of the six relations in each of the five dialects. To demonstrate the utility of DiaLex, we use it to evaluate a set of existing and new Arabic word embeddings that we developed. Our benchmark, evaluation code, and new word embedding models will be publicly available.

Arabic Language: Learn To Read Arabic Through Short Stories


In this Course, you will learn How to Read Arabic through Short Stories. By finishing these two sections, you will be able to Read Words in Arabic. By finishing this section, you will be able to make sentences in Arabic. By finishing this section, you will be able to Read Stories in Arabic. So, bring your pen & papers; and let's get started.. What will you learn in this Course?

A Guide To Read Arabic Language


Arabic is widely taught in schools and universities and is used to varying degrees in workplaces, government and the media. Arabic, in its standard form, is the official language of 26 states, as well as the liturgical language of the religion of Islam, since the Quran and Hadith were written in Arabic. In this course, you will learn how to read Arabic. I have carefully organized my lesson to help students who are zero level in Arabic to give them the push towards learning Arabic. SO you're supposed to learn Arabic alphabet, short vowels, and how letters are connected in a word.

2.2.X - XenForo 2.x Arabic Translation


Marks-Man submitted a new resource: XenForo 2.x Arabic Translation - XenForo 2.x Arabic Translation ملف اللغة العربية للنسخة 2.0 و سيكون محدث باستمرار ان...