Syria Needs 'Proxy Peace' to Replace Proxy War, Top EU Diplomat Says

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BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Syria needs a "proxy peace" supported by the international community instead of the proxy war that has raged for six years and killed some 320,000 people, top European Union diplomat Federica Mogherini said on Tuesday.

A summer of discontent ahead in Yahoo proxy fight?

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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer delivers the keynote address at the Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference in San Francisco on Feb. 18, 2016. The drama that is the coming proxy battle at Yahoo may take three months or more to play out. After that, the clamor could increase between Yahoo and activist hedge fund Starboard Value, a shareholder that is looking to overthrow the current board and oust CEO Marissa Mayer. After that you can likely expect "some colorful, critical fight letters coming out concurrent with ... the final proxy statements getting cleared and sent out to Yahoo! stockholders," said Bill Poudrier, president of The Proxy Advisory Group. He discussed the situation with USA TODAY Monday after participating in a conference call Friday about Yahoo and the Starboard Value proxy battle with Robert Peck, Internet equity analyst at SunTrust Robinson Humphrey.

Multi-Purpose Proxy Botnet Ensnares 65,000 Routers


More than 65,000 routers exposed to the Internet via the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocol are being abused by cybercriminals as part of a large, multi-purpose proxy botnet, Akamai has discovered.

Hunting for Discriminatory Proxies in Linear Regression Models

Neural Information Processing Systems

A machine learning model may exhibit discrimination when used to make decisions involving people. One potential cause for such outcomes is that the model uses a statistical proxy for a protected demographic attribute. In this paper we formulate a definition of proxy use for the setting of linear regression and present algorithms for detecting proxies. Our definition follows recent work on proxies in classification models, and characterizes a model's constituent behavior that: 1) correlates closely with a protected random variable, and 2) is causally influential in the overall behavior of the model. We show that proxies in linear regression models can be efficiently identified by solving a second-order cone program, and further extend this result to account for situations where the use of a certain input variable is justified as a business necessity''.

Over 65K Routers Abusing UPnP to Proxy Bad Traffic for Botnets - Latest Hacking News


A report published by Akamai detected those threat actors were abusing at least 65,000 routers to create proxy networks for various illegal activities. According to the company's report, the attackers are using UPnP to create proxy networks for various illegal activities. Despite UPnP being crucial for every modern router, the protocol has proven to be insecure with most malware authors having used UPnP flaws. The Hackers are using misconfigured UPnP services to inject malicious routes inside the network address translation tables, NAT is a set of rules that control how IP's and ports from the router's internal networks are mapped to the external networks. Custom NAT if not configured properly provides easy access to the network using the router's public IP on a specific port, this flaw allows attackers to use routers with misconfigured UPnP services as proxy servers for their operations.