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Every year there is a brand new reinforcement learning competition. This usually consists of new organizers, and a new website! Instead of replacing the old website every year and breaking hundreds of links, we use a different subdomain each year. So, this page will always exist at: And the specific websites for different years are: NIPS Reinforcement Learning Workshop: Benchmarks and Bakeoffs NIPS Reinforcement Learning Workshop: Benchmarks and Bakeoffs II ICML Reinforcement Learning and Benchmarking Event NIPS Workshop: The First Annual Reinforcement Learning Competition The 2008 Reinforcement Learning Competition::

The Army Games is sort of like the Olympics, but with explosions and tank battles


The International Army Games kicked off with no shortage of explosions in Moscow earlier this month. More than 3,000 military personnel representing 20 different countries came to show off their military strength. Events were live-streamed and consisted of everything from sniper competitions to tank biathlons. There were aircraft shows, underwater challenges, and even the military dogs had a competition of their own. Images of the games captured the intense explosions and action-packed scenes.

Research: How Women and Men View Competition Differently


The average woman is less competitive than the average man: she is less likely to describe herself as competitive and less willing to enter a competition. In the workplace, this difference translates to performance; recent research by economists and political scientists indicates that competitive people do better socioeconomically. For example, among graduates of a top MBA program, the gender difference in competitiveness accounted for 10% of the gender gap in earnings 9 years after graduation; among female and male economists in France it accounted for 76% of the promotion gap. So why are women less competitive than men? Past research has pointed to evolutionary pressures, the domestic roles that women have traditionally played, and the patriarchal social order.

The International SAT Solver Competitions

AI Magazine

The International SAT Solver Competition is today an established series of competitive events aiming at objectively evaluating the progress in state-of-the-art procedures for solving Boolean satisfiability (SAT) instances. Over the years, the competitions have significantly contributed to the fast progress in SAT solver technology that has made SAT a practical success story of computer science. This short article provides an overview of the SAT solver competitions.


AI Magazine

The first feature is a special section of competition reports, edited by Sven Koenig and Robert Morris. In this issue the section highlights results from three competitions: the Seventh International Planning Competition, the International SAT Solver Competitions, and the Trading Agent Competition. Recurring competitions play an important role in the progress of many AI areas, and Koenig and Morris hope to make coverage of such competitions -- including how the competitions illuminate the state of the art -- an ongoing section in AI Magazine. I thank them for initiating this exciting feature and encourage future submissions. Please see the solicitation and guidelines included in this issue on page 10.