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The Lockheed Corp. (Calabasas, CA) and AT&T (New York, NY) have signed an agreement to jointly develop and market intelligent transportation systems. The two companies are responding to the Intermodal Surface Transportation Act of 1991, which calls for enhancing roadway capacity, safety, efficiency, and air quality through the development of intelligent vehicle highway systems. Electronic toll collection systems, traffic management systems, in-car navigational and route planning systems are among the systems being developed. UKbased Empires Stores, a mail order company, has reduced the clerical work in its credit department by about 30%, thanks to the implementation of an intelligent system. The company has successfully automated the decision-making process for passing or rejecting orders referred by its performance scoring system.

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Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Virginia (Richmond, VA) has developed an expert system to classify, evaluate and process medical claims. The system, called MedScreen, reportedly can process up to 500 claims in 45 minutes, an operation that used to take several days to complete. Citibank's Network Development and Operations (Long Island City, NY) has developed an intelligent help subsystem as a diagnostic aid to network operators. This expert system provides context-sensitive help to operators at Citibank's internal telecommunications network control center, assisting the operators by quickly identifying malfunctions and suggesting solutions. IBM (Armonk, NY) and Dragon Systems (Newton, MA) have jointly developed VoiceType, a speech recognition system based on elements of the DragonDictate product, which allows hands-free typing.

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By David Blanchard Color Tile Inc. (Fort Worth, Tex.), a home improvement retailer, has automated its help desk operations with an expert system. The system has reduced time spent by store personnel on the telephone seeking answers to point-of-sale technical problems, and it allows the help desk analysts to handle a wider range of responsibilities for the company. Traversum AB, a company that specializes in share and stock dealing in the Swedish stock exchange, has developed an intelligent system to advise on how to deal in stocks and shares. The company's "hit rate" of dealing correctly with stocks has reportedly increased from 60% to 90%. IntelliCorp Inc. (Mountain View, Calif.), an expert system vendor, and James Martin & Co. (Reston, Va.), a computer-aided software engineering (CASE) consulting group, have launched a field test program for an object-oriented information engineering environment.