Pension Systems' Costs Are Higher Than Reported, Panel Told

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The Public School Employees' Retirement System says it's cooperating with requests for documents. Both it and the State Employees' Retirement System say they are working to expand their reporting of what they pay to private equity managers.

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TiaMD Rapid Responz is a telehealth program equipped with a secure telemedicine system to foster doctor and patient interactions during a state of emergency or at the patient's own convenience. It has high quality audio/video features combined with secure messaging for a reliable, easy to use means of communication. Our telemedicine system is interfaced with wireless medical equipments like BP, Sthetoscope, PulseOx, Weighing scales, Temperature and Opthalmoscope. Tiatech offers a range of state-of-the-art, multi-purpose HealthCare Telemedicine Systems or equipments with wireless connectivity and remote physician monitoring services.

Solving Random Quadratic Systems of Equations Is Nearly as Easy as Solving Linear Systems

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We prove that it is possible to solve unstructured quadratic systems in n variables exactly from O(n) equations in linear time, that is, in time proportional to reading and evaluating the data. This is accomplished by a novel procedure, which starting from an initial guess given by a spectral initialization procedure, attempts to minimize a non-convex objective. The proposed algorithm distinguishes from prior approaches by regularizing the initialization and descent procedures in an adaptive fashion, which discard terms bearing too much influence on the initial estimate or search directions. These careful selection rules---which effectively serve as a variance reduction scheme---provide a tighter initial guess, more robust descent directions, and thus enhanced practical performance. Further, this procedure also achieves a near-optimal statistical accuracy in the presence of noise.

The Challenges of Real-Time AI

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The research agendas of artificial intelligence and real-time systems are converging as AI methods move toward domains that require real-time responses, and real-time systems move toward complex applications that require intelligent behavior. They meet at the crossroads in an exciting new subfield commonly called "real-time AI." This subfield is still being defined, and the precise goals for various real-time AI systems are in flux. Traditionally, AI systems have been developed without much attention to the resource limitations that motivate real-time systems researchers. However, as these AI systems move from the research labs into real-world applications, they also become subject to the time constraints of the environments in which they operate.

California Teacher Pension System Beats Investment Target

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The California State Teachers Retirement System reported Friday that its investments returned 9 percent in the fiscal year that ended June 30. The nation's second-largest public pension fund had just under $224 billion in assets on that date.