Women are fast catching up to men in alcohol consumption -- and abuse

PBS NewsHour

Women are catching up to men's alcohol consumption, reserach suggests. Women worldwide are catching up to men when it comes to alcohol consumption. Previous research has suggested that men are not only more likely than women to drink alcohol -- they're also more likely to abuse alcohol and to drink so much that they harm their health. But a new analysis published Monday in BMJ Open finds that gap could be narrowing. "Across the board, when we talk about any alcohol use, binge drinking, or alcohol-use disorder, generally males have a higher prevalence than females," said study author Tim Slade of Australia's National Health and Medical Research Council.

'Justice League' Star Ben Affleck Continues Alcohol Addiction Treatment Months After Rehab

International Business Times

Ben Affleck is determined to get over his alcohol addiction. Affleck reportedly continues to undergo alcohol addiction treatment months after he finished his stint in rehab. On Wednesday, the "Justice League" star was spotted at an outpatient treatment center in Los Angeles. "Ben looked so happy," the source told Us Weekly. "He was in such a good mood and looked refreshed."

A gene linked to alcohol habits may influence who you choose to marry

New Scientist

Should you go on that second date? A gene that influences how much alcohol we drink may also shape our decisions when choosing a partner. It's no secret that many couples have similar patterns when it comes to alcohol use, but pinning down the underlying reason has been tricky. One explanation could be that a couple's drinking habits become more alike over time.

Russia Alcohol Deaths Update: Over 26K Liters Of Surrogate Booze Confiscated After Poisoning Outbreak

International Business Times

Motivated by a recent outbreak of alcohol poisoning cases in Siberia, officials have confiscated more than 26,000 liters of illegal alcohol in Russia, news agency TASS reported Monday. The crackdown on illegal alcohol, or surrogate alcohol, came following the deaths of nearly 80 people in the Siberian city Irkutsk, who died after drinking a bath concoction that contained ethanol. In nearby Orenburg, one resident died in late December and another was in serious condition after consuming similar solutions of non-drinkable alcohol. The products were confiscated between Dec. 20 and Jan. 1, TASS reported, and included 896 liters of non-food alcohol. Authorities seized them during a raid on several underground suppliers and distributors including a ring of Irkutsk manufacturers responsible for selling Boyarshnik, a surrogate alcohol substance that's supposed to be used as a bath water relaxant but is sometimes consumed as an alcoholic beverage due to its high ethyl alcohol content.

How Alcohol Abuse Differs Between The Sexes

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Alcohol affects men and women differently, and this infographic from Visually depicts how alcohol abuse is different for females. According to WebMD, alcohol abuse differs from regular consumption when habits become unhealthy or dangerous, as in frequently binge drinking. Additionally, one in 10 drinkers will have more than one beverage a day. There are certain factors that are associated with an increased chance of alcohol abuse. Women with partners who drink a lot, have been abused physically or sexually, report being depressed, have family members with alcohol problems, or think they are good at holding their liquor have been linked to excessive drinking.