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The Ad Council wants to remind everyone that patriotism is about celebrating diversity


As America reels from perhaps its most divisive election in recent memory, a new set of ads seek to remind everyone that patriotism and respect for our country's diversity are two sides of the same coin. The ads feature members of often-oppressed minority groups in patriotic settings. For instance, a gay military couple embraces in a train station, a transgender cheerleader poses in red, white and blue gear and a Sikh man prays in a gurdwara while wearing a star-spangled turban. Their images, captured by renowned photographer Mark Selig, will run in the form of billboards, bus and subway ads and other outdoor postings in to-be-determined locations around the United States starting this week. The campaign is the work of the Ad Council, a nonpartisan nonprofit responsible for many of the country's most iconic public service announcements.

Prada Announces Diversity Council After Blackface Outrage

U.S. News

Prada has had to apologize and withdraw bag charms that resembled black monkeys with exaggerated red lips after critics said they depicted racist caricatures of black people. The controversy intensified after a similar misstep by Gucci. Director Spike Lee has said he would wear neither Prada nor Gucci until they included black designers.

How ACM Evolves in Response to Community Needs

Communications of the ACM

One question people ask me as President is how ACM--as a global, volunteer-based organization--can evolve over time. We have all seen new publications, conferences, SIGs, and chapters added to the ACM family as technology grows. Does it also evolve to keep up with changes going on in our profession? The basic structure of ACM doesn't change frequently, but it does get adjusted from time to time in response to new priorities and needs. If you are not familiar with ACM's governance structure, there are four boards that manage our core products and activities: Publications, Education, Practitioners (Lifelong Learning), and SIG Governance.

White men only? Brexit case and legal diversity

BBC News

With the government's battle over Article 50 going to the Supreme Court, there has been much comment about the gender and ethnic make-up of the judges and barristers at work. How accurate a reflection is it of the legal profession's make-up? "Not much sign of diversity," writes one woman, showing a still photograph of proceedings in the Supreme Court, a group of white middle-aged men engaged in debating issues of enormous constitutional importance. "More to do," adds another, male Twitter user. "Glad to see the diversity of the UK so ably represented by a large group of white middle-aged men," adds another.

Hamtramck: 'Most diverse' city reflects on Trump

Al Jazeera

Men and women, many in headscarves and long robes, walk along the pavements as another day comes to a close. Welcome to Hamtramck, said to be the most diverse city in Michigan. Last year, the city of 22,400 people became the first in the country to be run by a Muslim-majority city council. Residents claim their city is its own little world, and they work hard and coexist peacefully here - the way Americans are supposed to, they say. But this little world was shaken on November 8 when Republican nominee Donald Trump was elected president of the United States.