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But the GOP framework didn't include this provision just as an aside that it could take or leave. Even partially restoring the SALT deduction would eliminate a central way to raise revenue for a framework that's short on that. The SALT deduction is estimated to be worth about $1.3 trillion in revenue over the 10-year budgeting window, money that's needed to cover the rate cuts the GOP envisions elsewhere. The SALT deduction elimination isn't an island, either: It's deeply connected to other ideas within the framework. Restoring this deduction would hamper both the legislative efforts' delicate balance sheet and the very idea behind the effort of simplifying the tax code.

LOGLISP: an alternative to PROLOG


Our own early attempts (as devoted users of LISP) to use PROLOG convinced us that it would be worth the effort to create within LISP a faithful implementation of Kowalski's logic programming idea. We felt it would be very convenient to be able to set up a knowledge base of assertions inside a LISP workspace, and to compute the answers to queries simply by executing appropriate function calls.In Hayes, J. E., Michie, D., and Pao, Y.-H. (Eds.), Machine Intelligence 10. Ellis Horwood.

Magic Inference Rules for Probabilistic Deduction under Taxonomic Knowledge Artificial Intelligence

We present locally complete inference rules for probabilistic deduction from taxonomic and probabilistic knowledge-bases over conjunctive events. Crucially, in contrast to similar inference rules in the literature, our inference rules are locally complete for conjunctive events and under additional taxonomic knowledge. We discover that our inference rules are extremely complex and that it is at first glance not clear at all where the deduced tightest bounds come from. Moreover, analyzing the global completeness of our inference rules, we find examples of globally very incomplete probabilistic deductions. More generally, we even show that all systems of inference rules for taxonomic and probabilistic knowledge-bases over conjunctive events are globally incomplete. We conclude that probabilistic deduction by the iterative application of inference rules on interval restrictions for conditional probabilities, even though considered very promising in the literature so far, seems very limited in its field of application.

Tax Filers in Most States Claim Deduction Targeted by GOP

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The state and local tax deduction is just one of many provisions targeted for change under legislation that passed the House earlier in the week and is pending in the Senate. The House version would repeal the deduction for income and sales taxes while capping the property tax deduction at $10,000. The Senate bill would end deductions for all state and local taxes.