Who Is Draylen Mason? Austin Porch Package Bombing Victim Is 17-Year-Old

International Business Times

Police in Austin, Texas, on Tuesday identified the 17-year-old victim of a series of deadly package bombs that exploded Monday. Draylen Mason was killed after he opened a package that was sent to him. Authorities have launched a massive manhunt for the bomber, whose porch package bombs killed two people and severely injured two others since March 2. The name of a 75-year-old woman wounded in a second incident Monday is yet to be released. Austin Police Chief Brian Manley on Tuesday described Mason as an "outstanding young man who was going places with his life." He was killed when a package on the porch of his Texas home exploded Monday morning.

New York train rider reports suspicious packages, turn out to be machines used to report suspicious packages

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines for Oct. 31 are here. Check out what's clicking on Foxnews.com A train rider at a New York station on Monday noticed some suspicious packages sitting around, so did their civic duty and reported it to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority through a special intercom system designed to report such incidents. The 6-foot-tall packages, however, weren't suspicious -- and contained the very technology used to report questionable events... such as suspicious items lying around a train station. The boxes at the Metro-North New Rochelle station, located around 25 miles northeast of New York City, contained machines hosting the MTA's Help Point System, described as "a new technology program that puts subway customers in touch with Transit personnel via an interactive communications device."

A Timeline of the Austin Package Bombings


Early Tuesday morning, yet another package bomb that was apparently intended for Austin, Texas, detonated, injuring one person at a FedEx distribution center near San Antonio. Police say they believe the explosion is connected to a string of bombings in Austin, making it the fifth incident since the beginning of the month, when a man was killed at his home. Over time, the incidents have been similar enough to seem linked but varied enough to seem unpredictable, raise questions, and put Austin residents on edge. The first bombing--though the police would describe it as an "isolated incident" at the time--occurred on a Friday. Around 7 a.m., Anthony Stephan House, a 39-year-old father of an 8-year-old girl, was killed on the porch of his house by a package bomb in Haverford Drive in northeast Austin.

Top Downloaded & Most Discussed R Packages


Vozag downloaded CRAN data from the R project to understand the top projects & which ones had the most discussions. Given below is a list of the top 20 packages downloaded in a single day. The full list of the top 100 most downloaded R packages is here. We also decided to then analyze Stack Overflow data to understand most discussed packages and analyze the one with the most questions & unanswered questions. GGPlot was ranked first with the most questions at 7200 questions followed by Data table (2135), Plyr (1213) & Knitr (1136).

Tesla Roadster may offer SpaceX package with actual rockets


Yes, you read that correctly. Elon Musk has followed up on remarks from Tesla's annual shareholder meeting (not to mention more cryptic hints in November) with a statement that the new Roadster's previously mentioned "SpaceX option package" will include 10 small rocket thrusters strung around the car. Reportedly, the kit would "dramatically improve" acceleration, braking, cornering and everything in between. It sounds ridiculous, but this isn't the most outlandish thing Musk has talked about in recent months. We've asked Tesla if it can elaborate.