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In 1999, Tim Barners-Lee stated: "I have a dream for the web [in which computers] become capable of analyzing all the data on the web. A "Semantic Web", which should make this possible, has yet to emerge…" Since then, the idea of a semantic web has helped generate and sustain our expectations around the web 3.0. Eighteen years later, I wonder if we have finally realized that dream. Have we crossed the line where computers, and their software, are really capable of analyzing all of the data on the web? And if we haven't completely crossed that line, at least we have a steady foot on it.

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First there was Artificial Intelligence (AI), then came machine learning... neural networks and finally cognitive computing technology. But then came multilingual cognitive computing technology. Cogito Studio is a product for developing customised semantic applications for text analytics, including information analysis, categorisation and extraction. Developed by Expert System in the US state of Maryland, Cogito Studio combines a cocktail of AI algorithms for simulating the human ability to read and understand language (semantics) and deep learning techniques (machine learning) to help optimise the creation of applications that are advanced, intelligent and intuitive.

Q&A: How AI tech can make humans more emotionally intelligent (Includes interview)


Cogito, an MIT spin-off, uses voice-based AI to analyze behavioral and vocal cues (such as pitch, tone, pace, etc.) to provide in-the-moment feedback during conversations, guiding individuals to be more emotionally intelligent and perceptive. Cogito's emotional intelligence technology is being used by large insurance organizations like MetLife, Humana, and Cigna to enhance employee productivity and improve human emotional intelligence during customer service calls. To discover more, Digital Journal spoke with Dr. John Kane of Cogito. Digital Journal: How sophisticated is AI becoming in general? Dr. John Kane: Artificial intelligence continues to have a transformational effect across industries.

Cogito AI Day: Artificial Intelligence for business and everyday life with less hype, more benefits


Earlier this year, Forbes included Expert System in the list of companies forging the next generation of Artificial Intelligence systems. "The impact of AI in the near future will be even more decisive," said Stefano Spaggiari, CEO, Expert System. "Artificial Intelligence allows companies to overcome the purely'numerical' management of data by adding the ability to understand and manage information in a way that captures the maximum business value." Keynote speaker Boris Evelson, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, noted that one of the most important macro-applications of Artificial Intelligence in the business world is for understanding and making use of the incredible volumes of information that companies already collect. In fact, the current rate of growth in the adoption of AI technologies is comparable to a'tsunami'.

This AI Software Is 'Coaching' Customer Service Workers. Soon It Could Be Bossing You Around, Too

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I'm on the phone with a startup executive roleplaying as a frustrated customer, and a note along with a speedometer icon appears on my computer screen: Speaking slowly -- You are speaking slower than usual. Try increasing your speaking pace. I speed up, and the message disappears, only to be replaced with another: Continuous Speaking -- Finish your thought. Later, as the exec struggles to find the date of a made-up transaction, the software I'm using detects the strained note in his voice, and again decides I should intervene. A new message appears, this one accompanied by a pink heart: Empathy Cue -- Think about how the customer is feeling.