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Build conversational AI solutions with Watson Assistant The MSP Hub


Watson Assistant is an enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that helps businesses enhance brand loyalty and transform customer experience. The solution gathers data and insights from customer engagements, then turns learnings into customised experiences, whilst keeping all data private and secure. Using Watson Assistant, developers and service providers can collaborate with clients, large and small, to build a conversation AI solution for their own unique needs. Whether it's an AI assistant tailored to anticipate the needs of drivers to provide a customised in-car experience, or one to provide a differentiated guest experience at a hotel, there are no limitations to what you can do. Get your 1-year free trial of Watson Assistant to start building your own AI assistant today.

Forrester Names IBM a Leader in Conversational Computing Platforms Wave


We are pleased to announce that in "The Forrester New Wave: Conversational Computing Platforms, Q2 2018,"[1] IBM Watson Assistant is named as a Leader in conversational computing. It has become increasingly important for businesses to build engaging interactions that deliver value to their customers, and IBM is proud to offer technologies that help developers and enterprises enhance those experiences. The report evaluated the most significant conversational computing platforms, diving into each vendor's current offering and strategy and including customer feedback. IBM was cited for its developer-friendly tools and enterprise expertise requirements, which give developers access to the tools and technologies they need while providing industry and enterprise support for their businesses. Our customers also appreciated IBM's thorough understanding of enterprise requirements and Watson Assistant's readiness for integration into a broader architecture.

Artificial Intelligence Learns and Builds Conversational AI Chatbots Autonomously


Acobot LLC, an artificial intelligence startup, announced a new release of its artificial intelligence Aco, featuring the capability of self-learning from free-form text such as web pages and creating conversational AI chatbots, which are ready to work as virtual agents for customer support automation, without any further training by a human. Conversational AI and chatbots are often mentioned as today and tomorrow in the tech circles. For businesses, the efficiency and cost savings derived from the chatbot's interacting with customers is attractive. As a result, more and more businesses include a chatbot with their website in the recent years. However, lacking in natural language processing (NLP) support, most of those chatbots only accept clicks or match answers by keyword, resulting in poor performance.

Build 2020 - Conversational AI updates - Microsoft Bot Framework


Build 2020 is here and in this video we summarize all of the announcements within the area of conversational AI, across Bot Framework SDK, Azure Bot Service and the Cognitive Services (LUIS, Speech, QnA Maker). You can also find links below for our Build breakout sessions and on-demand content.

How to Use Conversational Marketing to Build Customer Relationships


Continuously building the conversation helps you dig even deeper and truly get to know your audience. It also shows your customers that you're listening, helping you build your relationship with each individual. Store notes about interactions with customers so you can refer back to them the next time you talk.