Bluesound Pulse Mini Bluetooth speaker review: Great sound, strong feature set, and a few rough edges


Bluesound's Pulse Mini produces great sound, meshes with other Bluesound products for multi-room scenarios, and goes well beyond your standard air-pusher with the ability to play a plethora of file types from USB storage and shared folders on your network, in addition to online streaming services and radio. It supports Bluetooth, of course, but you can also add it to your home network with or without a cable. This $500 speaker is relatively inexpensive by boutique audio brand standards, but that's a fair stack of coin for most users. And for the price, it should deliver a better out-of-box experience up front and be outfitted with better controls for the long haul. The Bluesound packaging looks worthy of a $500 speaker, and the speaker itself comes sheathed inside a fabric bag rather than plastic.

Jurors Focus on Statement in Trial of Pulse Shooter's Wife

U.S. News

FILE - In this Nov. 30, 2016 file photo, artwork and signatures cover a fence around the Pulse nightclub, scene of a mass shooting, in Orlando, Fla. Jurors in the federal trial of Noor Salman, the Pulse nightclub gunman's widow, have gotten a look inside his Florida condo through crime scene photos taken as FBI agents searched the home. They also saw some of her husband Omar Mateen's web browsing history Tuesday, March 20, 2018, including beheading videos created by the Islamic State group Mateen had pledged allegiance to. Salman is accused of aiding and abetting her husband in the 2016 attack that left 49 people dead.

Pulse Nightclub Gunman's Widow Will Be Sent to Face Charges in Florida

U.S. News

Police killed Mateen, a U.S. citizen of Afghan descent, after a three-hour shooting rampage last June at the Pulse nightclub. During the incident, he called 911 dispatchers to profess allegiance to a leader of the Islamic State militant group.

Analysis of Temporal Propagation Property to Evaluate Gene Regulatory Networks

AAAI Conferences

Harmonic Pulse Analysis (HPA) is a method to analyze gene regulatory networks,  which measures the plausibility of gene regulatory networks.  HPA is used to  predict gene regulatory networks. Generated networks were analyzed by the harmonic pulse analysis.  7.3% of systematically generated networks were within 5% margin of the harmonic pulse density of the benchmark networks.

Programmable Analog Pulse-Firing Neural Networks

Neural Information Processing Systems

ABSTRACT We describe pulse - stream firing integrated circuits that implement asynchronousanalog neural networks. Synaptic weights are stored dynamically, and weighting uses time-division of the neural pulses from a signalling neuron to a receiving neuron. MOS transistors in their "ON" state act as variable resistors to control a capacitive discharge, and time-division is thus achieved by a small synapse circuit cell. The VLSI chip set design uses 2.5J.1.m INTRODUCTION Neural network implementations fall into two broad classes - digital [1,2] and analog (e.g.