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Current research projects include projects to investigate the use of multiple case representation and indexing schemes in precedent-based CBR, the effect of high level reasoning goals on supporting CBR tasks and vice versa in a mixed paradigm blackboard-based architecture, the use of CBR for generation of retrieval strategies in the context of information retrieval, and the automatic selection of parameters for dynamic scheduling problems.

Case-Based Reasoning: A Concise Introduction

Morgan & Claypool Publishers

The aim of this book is to present a concise introduction to case-based reasoning providing the essential building blocks for the design of case-based reasoning systems, as well as to bring together the main research lines in this field to encourage students to solve current CBR challenges. ISBN 9781627050074, 103 pages.

Developing Industrial Case-Based Reasoning Applications - The Ralph Bergmann Springer

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In just few years, case-based reasoning has evolved from a research topic studied at a small number of specialized academic labs into an industrial-strength technology applied in various fields. The INRECA methodology presented in detail in this monograph provides a data analysis framework for developing case-based reasoning solutions for successful applications in real-world industrial contexts. The book provides a self-contained introduction to case-based reasoning applications that address both R&D professionals and general IT managers interested in this powerful new technology. In this second edition, improvements and updates have been incorporated throughout the text. Particularly useful is the systematic coverage of experience factory applications at various steps; and, of course, the references have been extended substantially.

Case-Based Reasoning

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Case-based reasoning (CBR) is an AI approach that addresses new problems or situations by using similar previous experiences, either directly or by adaptation to the new context. This special track is intended to gather AI researchers and practitioners with an interest in CBR to present and discuss developments in CBR theory and application.