Multi-Agent Continuous Transportation with Online Balanced Partitioning Artificial Intelligence

We introduce the concept of continuous transportation task to the context of multi-agent systems. A continuous transportation task is one in which a multi-agent team visits a number of fixed locations, picks up objects, and delivers them to a final destination. The goal is to maximize the rate of transportation while the objects are replenished over time. Examples of problems that need continuous transportation are foraging, area sweeping, and first/last mile problem. Previous approaches typically neglect the interference and are highly dependent on communications among agents. Some also incorporate an additional reconnaissance agent to gather information. In this paper, we present a hybrid of centralized and distributed approaches that minimize the interference and communications in the multi-agent team without the need for a reconnaissance agent. We contribute two partitioning-transportation algorithms inspired by existing algorithms, and contribute one novel online partitioning-transportation algorithm with information gathering in the multi-agent team. Our algorithms have been implemented and tested extensively in the simulation. The results presented in this paper demonstrate the effectiveness of our algorithms that outperform the existing algorithms, even without any communications between the agents and without the presence of a reconnaissance agent.

Cruise Line to Create up to 200 Jobs in North Carolina

U.S. News

The Winston-Salem Journal reports agents, who will work in the Triad area, will serve in entry-level positions and will be the first point of contact for guests and travel agents looking to arrange vacations on the cruise line. It is the first time Norwegian Cruise Line has expanded its at-home agent program outside of Arizona and Florida.

7 things to never say on a plane

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Be careful what you say when you're on a plane. We all know free speech is not an absolute; Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes' argument about "falsely shouting fire in a theatre" is Exhibit A. There are also things you cannot say on a plane; doing so may not land you in front of the Supreme Court but it could get you kicked off your flight. There are millions of variations of this joke, but none of them are funny, not in airports and not on planes. The TSA has had to pull many such comedians out of security lines and occasionally arrest them; it happened to an NFL player last year. Frontier Airlines has allowed tipping on the food and beverage sales by flight attendants for the past three years -- tips that were then pooled with the rest of the crew.

Deaf couple accuses Delta gate agent of discrimination, but airline says there are 'conflicting versions of events'

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Whether you're a frequent flier or have only flown on a passenger aircraft once in your life, here are five things to know about passenger planes. A deaf couple planning to fly with Delta Air Lines is claiming that they were discriminated against by a gate agent when trying to change their seats -- but Delta has since said there are "conflicting versions of events" about what transpired. Socorro Garcia and Melissa Elmira Yingst took to Facebook with their version of the events on Sunday, the same day they were scheduled to fly to Los Angeles with Delta. In a video, the two claimed they had learned they weren't sitting together upon arriving for the flight at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, per a translation Yingst posted in the comments. At check-in the two were told they could sit together, they claim, but the couple later double-checked with a gate agent, who told them they would not be able to change their seating assignments.

Border patrol agents in California arrest teen boy with drugs strapped to his body

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Fox News Flash top headlines for Jan. 16 are here. Check out what's clicking on A 14-year-old Mexican teen was caught at a U.S.-Mexico border checkpoint in California with three bundles of crystal methamphetamine strapped to his body, authorities said. The boy was with two other minors and one adult, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said, when he approached the State Route 94 checkpoint in Jamul, east of San Diego, Monday night. As border agents questioned the group, who were in a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta, a drug-sniffing K-9 alerted the agent.