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Nested Aggregates in Answer Sets: An Application to a Priori Optimization Artificial Intelligence

We allow representing and reasoning in the presence of nested multiple aggregates over multiple variables and nested multiple aggregates over functions involving multiple variables in answer sets, precisely, in answer set optimization programming and in answer set programming. We show the applicability of the answer set optimization programming with nested multiple aggregates and the answer set programming with nested multiple aggregates to the Probabilistic Traveling Salesman Problem, a fundamental a priori optimization problem in Operation Research.

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Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a neurodegenerative disorder that has been linked to toxic aggregates of poly-Gly-Ala (poly-GA) peptides generated by aberrant translation of an expanded nucleotide repeat sequence. Proteasomes are cytosolic molecular machines involved in the degradation of misfolded and aggregated proteins. Guo et al. used cryo–electron tomography to examine the molecular architecture of poly-GA aggregates in situ in intact neurons. The peptide aggregates formed twisted ribbons that clumped together and that were surrounded by proteasomes trapped in their normally transient substrate-processing conformation. The extent of proteasome accumulation was such that the ability of the remaining proteasomes within the neuron to perform their normal housekeeping functions was likely to be impaired, potentially explaining the neuronal pathologies observed in ALS.

Provably Efficient Reinforcement Learning with Aggregated States Machine Learning

We establish that an optimistic variant of Q-learning applied to a finite-horizon episodic Markov decision process with an aggregated state representation incurs regret $\tilde{\mathcal{O}}(\sqrt{H^5 M K} + \epsilon HK)$, where $H$ is the horizon, $M$ is the number of aggregate states, $K$ is the number of episodes, and $\epsilon$ is the largest difference between any pair of optimal state-action values associated with a common aggregate state. Notably, this regret bound does not depend on the number of states or actions. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first such result pertaining to a reinforcement learning algorithm applied with nontrivial value function approximation without any restrictions on the Markov decision process.

'Persona 5' Is The Second-Best Reviewed Game Of The Year

Forbes - Tech

Persona 5 is the second-best reviewed game of the year so far. Persona 5 launches tomorrow, but the reviews started trickling in last week, and the reviews have been glowing. Only one game has been better reviewed in 2017, and that was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which earned a 97/100 on Metacritic, making it one of the best-reviewed games of all time. Persona 5 clocks in at 94/100 which is an incredibly good aggregate score and the second-best reviewed game of the year. Persona 4 Golden on the PS Vita earned a 93/100 back in 2012.

Women's Champions League: Chelsea 3-1 Montpellier (5-1 agg)

BBC News

Chelsea Ladies made the semi-finals of the Women's Champions League for the first time after beating Montpellier 5-1 on aggregate with a 3-1 win at home. Fran Kirby gave Chelsea the perfect start as she finished well on the break, but Sofia Jakobsson levelled as what seemed like a cross looped in. Ramona Bachmann put the tie beyond the French side soon after the break as she curled in Kirby's through ball. Kirby sealed it from the penalty spot after Ji So-yun was fouled in the box. Chelsea will face Wolfsburg in their last-four clash after a 1-1 draw at Slavia Prague sent the Germans through 6-1 on aggregate.