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Information-Theoretic Multi-Objective Bayesian Optimization with Continuous Approximations Artificial Intelligence

Many real-world applications involve black-box optimization of multiple objectives using continuous function approximations that trade-off accuracy and resource cost of evaluation. For example, in rocket launching research, we need to find designs that trade-off return-time and angular distance using continuous-fidelity simulators (e.g., varying tolerance parameter to trade-off simulation time and accuracy) for design evaluations. The goal is to approximate the optimal Pareto set by minimizing the cost for evaluations. In this paper, we propose a novel approach referred to as information-Theoretic Multi-Objective Bayesian Optimization with Continuous Approximations (iMOCA)} to solve this problem. The key idea is to select the sequence of input and function approximations for multiple objectives which maximize the information gain per unit cost for the optimal Pareto front. Our experiments on diverse synthetic and real-world benchmarks show that iMOCA significantly improves over existing single-fidelity methods.

Max-value Entropy Search for Multi-Objective Bayesian Optimization with Constraints Artificial Intelligence

We consider the problem of constrained multi-objective blackbox optimization using expensive function evaluations, where the goal is to approximate the true Pareto set of solutions satisfying a set of constraints while minimizing the number of function evaluations. For example, in aviation power system design applications, we need to find the designs that trade-off total energy and the mass while satisfying specific thresholds for motor temperature and voltage of cells. This optimization requires performing expensive computational simulations to evaluate designs. In this paper, we propose a new approach referred as {\em Max-value Entropy Search for Multi-objective Optimization with Constraints (MESMOC)} to solve this problem. MESMOC employs an output-space entropy based acquisition function to efficiently select the sequence of inputs for evaluation to uncover high-quality pareto-set solutions while satisfying constraints. We apply MESMOC to two real-world engineering design applications to demonstrate its effectiveness over state-of-the-art algorithms.

Dashbot Raises $2M Seed Round


Dashbot, the leading bot analytics platform, today announced it has raised $2 million in a Series Seed funding round. 'We strongly believe that AI-driven insights and tools-coupled with engaging conversational interfaces-can significantly bolster organizations' bottom lines in an efficient way. Dashbot is doing just that, and is essential for any enterprise or developer to build and monetize their bots in a technology environment increasingly harnessing AI's potential' Tweet this Dashbot provides bot-specific analytics and tools to enable brands and developers to increase user acquisition, engagement, and monetization. In addition to bot-specific metrics like sentiment analysis, conversational analytics, and AI response effectiveness, Dashbot provides tools to take action on that data, like its Live Person Takeover of chat sessions and Push Notifications for re-engagement. Dashbot is a cross platform solution which natively supports Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Kik bots, and has a generic API for any conversational interface.

Busca de melhor caminho entre m\'ultiplas origens e m\'ultiplos destinos em redes complexas que representam cidades Artificial Intelligence

Was investigated in this paper the use of a search strategy in the problem of finding the best path among multiple origins and multiple destinations. In this kind of problem, it must be decided within a lot of combinations which is the best origin and the best destination, and also the best path between these two regions. One remarkable difficulty to answer this sort of problem is to perform the search in a reduced time. This monography is a extension of previous research in which the problem described here was studied only in a bus network in the city of Fortaleza. This extension consisted of an exploration of the search strategy in graphs that represent public ways in cities like Fortaleza, Mumbai and Tokyo. Using this strategy with a heuristic algorithm, Haversine distance, was noticed that is possible to reduce substantially the time of the search, but introducing an error because of the loss of the admissible characteristic of the heuristic function applied.

Why California Deserts Are Experiencing a 'Super Bloom'

National Geographic

Anza Borrego is expected to explode with wildflowers during the next couple weeks! Last weekend we climbed up this canyon for sunrise and found the entire top blooming with purple! Go check it out if you can! If you were ever considering a spontaneous trip to the desert, now is your time. A normally barren-looking California desert landscape has transformed into a colorful field of flowers over the past few days--a lot of flowers.