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Knowledge Formation and Dialogue Using the KRAKEN Toolset

AAAI Conferences

The KRAKEN toolset is a comprehensive interface for knowledge acquisition that operates in conjunction with the Cyc knowledge base. The KRAKEN system is designed to allow subject-matter experts to make meaningful additions to an existing knowledge base, without the benefit of training in the areas of artificial intelligence, ontology development, or logical representation.

Review of Manufacturing Intelligence

AI Magazine

"Manufacturing Intelligence (Addison Wesley, Reading, Massachusetts, 1988, 352 pages, $43.25, ISBN 0-201-13576-0) by Paul Kenneth Wright and David Alan Bourne develops principles for the design of intelligent machine tools.

Review of Building Large Knowledge-Based Systems

AI Magazine

"Building Large Knowledge-Based Systems (Addison-Wesley, Reading, Massachusetts, 1990, 372 pages, $39.75, ISBN 0-201-51752-3) by Douglas B. Lenat and R. V. Guha is an interim report on the Microelectronic and Computer Technology Corpporation (MCC) Cyc project.