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Quantificational Sharpening of Commonsense Knowledge

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The KNEXT system produces a large volume of factoids from text, expressing possibilistic general claims such as that 'A PERSON MAY HAVE A HEAD' or 'PEOPLE MAY SAY SOMETHING'. We present a rule-based method to sharpen certain classes of factoids into stronger, quantified claims such as 'ALL OR MOST PERSONS HAVE A HEAD' or 'ALL OR MOST PERSONS AT LEAST OCCASIONALLY SAY SOMETHING' -- statements strong enough to be used for inference. The judgement of whether and how to sharpen a factoid depends on the semantic categories of the terms involved and the strength of the quantifier depends on how strongly the subject is associated with what is predicated of it. We provide an initial assessment of the quality of such automatic strengthening of knowledge and examples of reasoning with multiple sharpened premises.

3 Books Your Inner Geek Will Love WSJD - Technology

Elevator pitch: Long before Candy Crush diabolically distracted us, humans turned to ancient Egyptian board games, 19th-century Japanese card games and, of course, Tetris. The classic moving-block game was created in 1984 by Soviet software developer Alexey Pajitnov in his free time. This graphic novel relays a history of games, as told through Mr. Pajitnov's love of puzzles and the spread of his invention through Moscow and beyond. Very brief excerpt: "The idea of selling the game as a product never even crossed his mind. Russia was a communist country in 1985…It was possible that Alexey could even have been arrested and jailed for attempting to sell Tetris."

Here's Why Trump Tweeted That Weird, Incorrect Factoid About Economic Growth and Unemployment


I guess it's time to fire up the ol' Twitter machine and see what's going on in the … The GDP Rate (4.2%) is higher than the Unemployment Rate (3.9%) for the first time in over 100 years! The quarterly growth rate (red line) has popped higher than the monthly unemployment rate (blue line) several times in the last twenty years. Comparing quarterly data only, it appears that the growth rate has topped the three-month average unemployment rate more than 60 times since 1948, when reliable government figures begin. Not that this comparison is meaningful or illuminating in any way. The quarterly growth rate doesn't have any direct relationship to the unemployment rate.

Watch April The Giraffe Giving Birth To Baby On Live Stream As Body Changes From Calf

International Business Times

April the giraffe is still pregnant, even though viewers waited weeks for her to give birth at Animal Adventure Park in upstate New York. Despite her ongoing pregnancy, more than 200,000 people tuned into the live stream Thursday, which is posted to YouTube. Click here to watch April's live stream, where she could give birth to her baby at any moment. Since another day went by without a baby calf, Animal Adventure Park took to their official Facebook page to update their 1 million followers about April's progress. "[The veterinarian's] morning report is of significant change in April's shape," the zoo reported Thursday.