Management AI types with machine learning MarkTechPost


Through the assistance of machine learning, it's possible to create and manage a variety of systems. For the future of development, however, it's important that everyone can have a base knowledge of the management systems that make up artificial intelligence. In this referred article from Forbes, we will discuss some of the main management systems for most modern AI. As part of any machine learning, an artificial neural network is one of the most commonly discussed items regarding AI. This concept dates all the way back to the year 1943 in which two individuals developed a brain model for logic and mathematics.

A Feature-Value Network as a Brain Model Artificial Intelligence

This paper suggests a statistical framework for describing the relations between the physical and conceptual entities of a brain-like model. In particular, features and concept instances are put into context. This may help with understanding or implementing a similar model. The paper suggests that features are in fact the wiring. With this idea, the actual length of the connection is important, because it is related to neuron synchronization. The paper then suggests that the concepts are neuron-based and firing neurons are concept instances. Therefore, features become the static framework of the interconnected neural system and concepts are combinations of these, as determined by an external stimulus and the neural associations. Along with this statistical model, it is possible to propose a simplified design for the neuron itself, but based on the idea that it can vary its input and output signals. Some test results also help to support the theory.

Next Big Future: Age of Em when robots rule the Earth


I am at the Recession Generation unconference. Robin Hanson is speaking on his new book - The Age of Em: Work, Love and Life when Robots Rule the Earth Robin is talking about a world where human Brain emulation works. What would be needed Massive computers Superhigh resolution scan of the brain Model each cell types in the brain Robin will avoid arguing about whether it can happen, how it will happen etc.. He will focus on what happens if it happens. What is and not what should be.

MIT Researchers Create Device That Detects Human Emotions Using Wireless Signals

International Business Times

Researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have created a device that can read human emotions using wireless signals. The EQ-Radio reads subtle changes in breathing and heart rhythms to figure out if a person is happy, excited, angry or sad. The device measures heartbeats like an ECG monitor with a margin of error of 0.3 percent. It then analyzes the waveforms within each heartbeat to determine the person's emotion. "Our work shows that wireless signals can capture information about human behavior that is not always visible to the naked eye," project lead Dina Katabi, who co-wrote a paper on the topic with PhD students Mingmin Zhao and Fadel Adib, said in a statement Tuesday.

Elon Musk's 'Brain Chip' Could Be Suicide of the Mind, Says Scientist


Elon Musk says merging biological intelligence and artificial intelligence is important to help human beings deal with the AI apocalypse. Almost exactly a month ago, Elon Musk introduced a room of engineers and curious consumers to a sci-fi-sounding invention made by his neurotechnology startup Neuralink: an implantable "brain chip" that will "merge biological intelligence with machine intelligence." Per Musk's description, this chip will be installed in a person's brain by drilling a two-millimeter hole in the skull. "The interface to the chip is wireless, so you have no wires poking out of your head," he assured. Musk argued that such devices will help humans deal with the so-called AI apocalypse, a scenario in which artificial intelligence outpaces human intelligence and takes control of the planet away from the human species.